USAF – Large enough for a computer background

01 May 2016 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. Dipu Chako 1 May 2016 Reply

    This looks more like AN 125

  2. Dipu Chako 1 May 2016 Reply

    But the undercarriage looks different

  3. So what it is?

  4. Lamine kondé 1 May 2016 Reply

    Antonov 125 ?

  5. Eric Poe 1 May 2016 Reply

    C-5 Galaxy. Says U.S. Air Force there on the front cheek, so the Antonov would be disqualified as an option. But that's a C-5 all the way.

  6. True a C-5 Galaxy… Just a copy of the Antonov An-124

  7. chuck crouse 2 May 2016 Reply

    C-5 galaxy first flight1968, Antonov 124 first flight 1982, it seems the Americans had a time machine….

  8. Brent Burzycki 2 May 2016 Reply

    Yep the Russians took second place on that plane. But they sure did build it larger.

  9. Joe Benner 3 May 2016 Reply

    …Large enough for a computer background… pretty sure I read that correctly.

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