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  1. Cassius Wright 28 May 2014 Reply

    kinda. most of the things "given away" were given away to me when i watched the original version of the movie, or read the damn book.

  2. mrsocksman 29 May 2014 Reply

    +Cassius Wright
    oh my god

  3. Shelly Gunderson 29 May 2014 Reply

    TV ones ruin the shows as well. I rarely watch them any longer.

  4. Maia Breashears 29 May 2014 Reply


  5. Maia Breashears 29 May 2014 Reply

    +Maia Breashears I HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN THE MOVIE!!!!!!!

  6. mater2928 2 Jun 2014 Reply

    They ruined Lord Business in the Lego Movie! That was part of the main plot!!

  7. nawor3565 2 Jun 2014 Reply

    at LEAST they kept "Live" corp. A secret in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

  8. Zora Catone 12 Jun 2014 Reply

    +mater2928 'Lord Business' is plainly obvious right from the get-go. It's who and what he…"represents"…that's meant to be the surprise.

  9. Wade Wilson 20 Aug 2014 Reply

    Hollywood did this with old movies too.
    1967's "The Graduate" for instance

  10. mater2928 21 Aug 2014 Reply

    +Zora Catone yeah you are right

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