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  1. Chris Rucker 4 Jul 2017 Reply

    X-29 Grummen. Seen it in person at an Edwards AFB open house. Way back in '84'.

  2. Tiberius Szoke 5 Jul 2017 Reply


  3. Looks like it would have a lot of parasitic drag and be awful unstable -to me

  4. Cameron Beck 8 Jul 2017 Reply

    Does anyone know if X-29's "reverse" swept wings achieved anything of aviational value?

  5. I think it was a failure, and very unstable, now I might be thinking of another "concept" plane built about the same time

  6. Ken Black 18 Nov 2017 Reply

    +Cameron Beck It showed a value in supersonic flight I read, but that goes back two decades for me. I was at an Air Show at Edwards AFB and they had info board about it. There was some control knowledge gained on what was useful in flight with this configuration. I wish I could remember all it said but it was useful and was a technology testing tool. From what I remember, it was very useful to NASA and the Air Force.

  7. +Cameron Beck​, I don't know alot about the plane, but I still think it's probably unstable at low speeds, either way I would still like to get in it and lite the burner for what I'm sure would be a hell of a flight, –anything with a TURBINE !! Is fun be safe and clear sky's to all!!

  8. Rodger Fetters 1 Dec 2017 Reply

    When I see planes like this I have to ask, "Why" Just saying I bet here is not much advantage of doing it that way unless you are trying to puzzle someone about which is the hotter end.

  9. Monte 27 Dec 2017 Reply

    I see a number of pros a cons I myself think with more reserch it can be extremely useful and we don't need turbines and noise I can think of uses.

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