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  1. Tom Darden 2 Jul 2017 Reply

    Man…you've got some Cool Photographs!

  2. I forgot what it was called, but that is one heck of a picture

  3. John Nichols 4 Jul 2017 Reply

    Can't recall off the top of my head either, but I do remember it was underpowered using the standard Allison engine ala P40, early Mustang/Apache.

  4. Monte 27 Dec 2017 Reply

    I have seen a few planes like this in Dayton. Oh, Fremont, Oh. They were little smaller than this, but same front lookes like small flaps on front to bring he nose or down quicker . He wing sweep looked the same , but the stabilizer on ea end looked smaller but more air dynamic with flaps to help turn quicker. The rear intake looked more lower in front oval shape catching more natural air flow coming off the plane the propeller im not hure if it was 4 or 6 props it was surrounded by around aerodynamic shape in front and rear . The plane was all white no markings of USA force just no. The plane was extremely quiet. Didn't at all have loud sound or jet at all. I did see it on cover of a magaine Popular Mechanics, or? I just looked at it briefly I believe it was a kit you could purchase th body fiber glass. I just scanned It quick . It caught my interest. in I was on a quiet street if I ha noy ben I would have never heard or seen it. But when first watched it was low enough to see details I could see the pilot . It makes me think if drones. The complete plane was more aerodynamic. I just wonder how good if a plane it would make for areas we now are in. I'm still amazed how advanced Germany was during WW2 . Jets well and how avadvnced some other countries are. It seem US is always showing hi and that. Other countries. ARe quiet to extent. Look how quiet N Korea has always been. China . Aviation, Ships ard various things when I see them it smacks me in the face.Yes works if art, engineering but war alwsys smacks me the face.I guess when I was in nam I did see somr nasty things.

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