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  1. Looks like a Howard Hughs drawing !!

  2. Kamal Tailor 13 Jun 2017 Reply

    It would be interesting to know how well it flew.

  3. Jason Smith 13 Jun 2017 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki I'm usually resistant to design changes of existing paradigms, but the mobile version of WIkipedia is nicely done. Thanks for the link. 🙂

  4. Kamal Tailor 13 Jun 2017 Reply

    I wonder why they don't use dual wing/biplane style designs in fighter planes or bombers?

  5. Urban F 13 Jun 2017 Reply

    +Kamal Tailor Twice as many wingtips which is bad because they cr Biplanes a

  6. Kamal Tailor 13 Jun 2017 Reply

    cr biplanes a?
    what? I hope you're not having a stroke dude.

  7. +Kamal Tailor I think it used to be a matter of structural integrity, but single wings mean you can go for the Delta shape for higher speed

    Plus if it was a bi-plane with the current wing shape it probably wouldn't be very stealthy

  8. Urban F 13 Jun 2017 Reply

    +Kamal Tailor I'm OK😊 … they create vortex drag, so biplanes were only built because it was a problem building single large wings strong enough. So most of the time twice as large wings are better than two sets, one exception is racing when long wings would slow down getting into a turn.

  9. Brent Burzycki 13 Jun 2017 Reply

    I can think of a few reasons why they did not use them. To add to the above build costs being one more.

  10. This looks like its purpose built for the Reno bi plane class of racers.

  11. Scott Goodrum 13 Jun 2017 Reply

    This is too weird!!

  12. Brent Burzycki 13 Jun 2017 Reply

    +JE 'FlyingJ' Timmons it definitely raced at reno and won..

  13. Scott Goodrum 13 Jun 2017 Reply

    Been to the Reno Air Races for years in a row and it's a great thing!

  14. wachira kamaumwa 14 Jun 2017 Reply

    Would like to know how long did it fly

  15. Charles Smith 14 Jun 2017 Reply


  16. Leslie Kelso 14 Jun 2017 Reply

    This looks cool. I think the design of the aircraft was of its own demise though… It tends itself to have poor visibility and low wing to beam aspect ratio it would not have the stability of a conventional Bi-plane at slow speeds

  17. +Leslie Kelso​ its design is inherintly unstable because its built for speed. Not for evey day flying. Also its probably a one off design for that reason.

  18. Kamal Tailor 15 Jun 2017 Reply

    I thought biplanes had more stability and lots of lift?

  19. Latif Ercin 17 Jun 2017 Reply

    Looks like a WW1 plane mixed with a ww2 plane!

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