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  1. Skyblugrp - 30 Dec 2016 Reply

    What plane is that?

  2. Sandy White 30 Dec 2016 Reply

    Nice plane

  3. Ken Bush 30 Dec 2016 Reply

    This is a pos

  4. F. M.V. 30 Dec 2016 Reply

    It's a Electric Powered. RC. Plane.

  5. Lydia Harthun 30 Dec 2016 Reply

    i wint thar

  6. This is a real plane its called a Bugatti 100P. It's from the 1930s. The one pictured is at the EAA Museum. They built a replica that flew earlier this year but it was damaged on landing.
    UPDATE: Sadly this aircraft was destroyed and the pilot killed 5 months ago.

  7. F. M.V. 31 Dec 2016 Reply

    Sorry for. pilot!

  8. Joseph Thomas 2 Jan 2017 Reply

    I like the color

  9. Skyblugrp - 2 Jan 2017 Reply

    RIP for the pilot

  10. claudio rucci 2 Feb 2017 Reply

    Stupendo come tutte le creazioni di Bugatti

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