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  1. Kamal Tailor 25 Dec 2016 Reply

    A plane design so good, and loved by the army, they've had to upgrade old ones.
    I'd love to see modern A10.

  2. Eric Poe 25 Dec 2016 Reply

    Unconventional landing configuration

  3. Terry Bradshaw 25 Dec 2016 Reply

    Built to survive!!

  4. Brent Burzycki 25 Dec 2016 Reply

    This is called. Bummer or report to the office I believe..

  5. Kamal Tailor 25 Dec 2016 Reply

    This plane was build around the gun and yes it was designed to take a hit and keep on trucking!

  6. The Movies 25 Dec 2016 Reply


  7. Jorge Sastoque 25 Dec 2016 Reply


  8. james oldfield 25 Dec 2016 Reply

    My favourite plane. Love this bad boy

  9. Ayesha Rauf 25 Dec 2016 Reply

    V nice it could be more informative if people add aircraft type and wing span..

  10. Jeb Hoge 25 Dec 2016 Reply

    +Eric Poe The mains don't retract fully so that it can better handle a wheels-up landing. It's a true beast.

  11. Byron Bouquet 25 Dec 2016 Reply

    Low and slow

  12. tyrone williams 26 Dec 2016 Reply

    The aircraft is built around that awesome gun 👍

  13. Monte Lewis 26 Dec 2016 Reply

    Love the fact that someone saw fit to put chock blocks around the tire… On a belly landed aircraft.

  14. Shabbir Muhammad 26 Dec 2016 Reply

    It is A10 famous as a Tank Killer

  15. Shabbir Muhammad 26 Dec 2016 Reply

    I think it have a crash landing

  16. Clifford Toney 27 Dec 2016 Reply

    Looks like someone has some explaining to do! Ouch! But I still love the Warthog!

  17. Dick Trump 27 Dec 2016 Reply

    +Monte Lewis Safety first!

  18. Ken Black 14 Feb 2017 Reply

    May have lost hydraulics and landed with the gear up if it's real.

  19. Clifford Toney 14 Feb 2017 Reply

    Not a good way to land the Warthog, but, any landing you can walk away from is a good one, they say!

  20. Clifford Toney 15 Feb 2017 Reply

    +Jeb Hoge. Yes she is a beast! I hope they never retire them. A friend of mine flew the A- 10. He said it was a sweet ship to fly, and it's feared by most of our enemies! One of my favorite planes.

  21. Keith Perry 26 Apr 2017 Reply


  22. Jim C. 30 Jul 2017 Reply

    +Monte Lewis old habits die hard, even when they end up looking ridiculous.

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