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  1. Saurav Rollins 17 Dec 2016 Reply

    S R 71 Black bird

  2. F. M.V. 17 Dec 2016 Reply

    Excellent plane & pilot

  3. Eric Poe 17 Dec 2016 Reply

    Not to be nit-picky, but that's the D-21 drone mounted up there. I think that was only applied to to the CIA's A-12, or more specifically, the highly modified A-12 Mothership reclassified as the M-21. For that matter, I don't think the USAF paint scheme is accurate. I could be wrong, the CIA used the AF to conduct some of the D-21 testing, and in fact modified a B-52 to carry and launch the D-21 from under-wing.

  4. Eric Poe 17 Dec 2016 Reply

    I only bring it up because I'm a fan of both the 12 & 71, and I completely agree with the assessment of +F. M.V.​​

  5. Reo Cruz 17 Dec 2016 Reply

    +Eric Poe the paint scheme is correct. The white part is supposed to look more metallic but the M-21 was the only one to sport that color.

  6. Eric Poe 17 Dec 2016 Reply

    Ok, thanks +Reo Cruz​!

  7. Peter Schmidt 17 Dec 2016 Reply

    One of the coolest things I've ever seen

  8. James Parr 17 Dec 2016 Reply

    Damn beautiful drawing..!

  9. Vern Cassell 17 Dec 2016 Reply

    I saw one of these A-12 /D-21 combinations at the Boeing museum when in Seattle in the 90s. I don't know if it's still on display there, but it was the first time I heard about the A-12. At first, I thought I was looking at an SR-71 too, but the plaque on it informed me. Either way, amazing aircraft designed with a slide rule not a computer.

  10. joy 17 Dec 2016 Reply

    Cool Never saw one of these but we love the Blackbird

  11. Oliver Mayo 18 Dec 2016 Reply

    What was the D21

  12. Eric Poe 18 Dec 2016 Reply

    +Oliver Mayo​ D-21 is the ramjet drone mounted above this A-12 (except the A-12 with the drone daughtership is actually a specific variant, the M-21). The mothership is configured with a control suite inside one of the cargo bays, normally reserved for reconnaissance cameras and processing gear.

  13. Ken Tresner 18 Dec 2016 Reply

    Not sure, but I think this might be the CIA A12

  14. Ken Tresner 18 Dec 2016 Reply

    Sorry folks, next time I'll scroll down a bit more before I put my two cents worth in.

  15. Jason Choate 18 Dec 2016 Reply

    R1dc 6282 Drone 107 skillkraftx Navigation board on Mig used as Stabilizer and Guidance system control

  16. British Pitts 18 Dec 2016 Reply


  17. That is great))

  18. trang 18 Dec 2016 Reply


  19. British Pitts 18 Dec 2016 Reply


  20. So cute

  21. Jjy

  22. donavon m 18 Dec 2016 Reply

    Nice Bru

  23. Triple xXx 18 Dec 2016 Reply

    Nice design but where is coal fushion

  24. Tessa Scott 18 Dec 2016 Reply

    What is that

  25. Triple xXx 18 Dec 2016 Reply

    What a coal fushion

  26. Oliver Mayo 18 Dec 2016 Reply

    Its Cold fusion and no it will never work.

  27. lewis mic 19 Dec 2016 Reply

    Looks like equipment medical.very dangerous.

  28. Is it a drawing

  29. Nice

  30. PAul Davis 19 Dec 2016 Reply

    Not bad

  31. Fandom Love 20 Dec 2016 Reply

    This is how u built real rec

  32. Jose Gil 20 Dec 2016 Reply

    That plane is in area 51

  33. Randy Huffman 20 Dec 2016 Reply

    Really, doesn't anyone recognize this plane? It's an SR-71, (With a cool paint job), designed and built at area 51 in the late 50s and early 60s by Kelly Johnson and Skunk works. And to this day is one of the most BAD ASS planes EVER built. This is another example of why Americans these days scare, and dissapoint the hell out of me. That plane's history is common knowledge for A LOT of us, but I'm the first post to share my learned history of it. ON A BIGGER SCALE, WE AMERICANS AREN'T BEING TAUGHT THE HISTORY THAT USED TO BE TAUGHT IN SCHOOL. WE PUT MORE MONEY INTO LAW ENFORCEMENT AND PRISONS THAN EDUCATION. THOSE WHO DON'T REMEMBER HISTORY ARE GOING TO REPEAT IT!!! Hitler was able to get a whole country to "turn in your Jews" and turn their backs on the horrors of millions. NOW ONE OF THE MOST SELFISH MEN OF OUR TIME, (TRUMP), GOT VOTED INTO OFFICE? YOU KNOW, THE SAME GUY WHO WANTS YOU TO TURN IN YOUR MEXICANS AND DEPORT THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE CRIMINALS? The only truth that came out of his mouth is that this election is rigged. I pray that America isn't becoming THE FOURTH RIECH. We have just been shown in real time the level of pure corruption our government has been allowed to sink to. How fucking sad, the only reason to be proud to be an American is by publicly standing up for what we know in our hearts to be morally right. That's pretty easy to figure out, it goes by titles like THE GOLDEN RULE!!!!!!! Let me explain. TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WOULD WANT TO BE TREATED, NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH, TREAT OTHERS AS THEY HAVE TREATED YOU. See the difference? Do you really want to look back in shock after the world says America has to go, and promptly kicks our ass because we really didn't have the heart to defend this country because it had turned to shit as we allowed it to? I feel sad for the millions of lives that were given to defend this country while the rest of us sat back and did nothing as this country sold its soul for something as pathetic as money. If what I just wrote wasn't true, Trump wouldn't be allowed the privilege of being our most trusted public servant, THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  34. jade smith 21 Dec 2016 Reply

    were did you get that

  35. Lona K. 22 Dec 2016 Reply

    Wow! Is this a real aircraft? Cool! Thank you for the picture.

  36. Stephen Hunt 23 Dec 2016 Reply

    SR-71, I was at the right place at the right time (early 80's) over seas and saw one taking off. Very impressive J-85 massive ram jet engines. They have been out of commission for a while. Technology made them obsolete, but at altitude no bullet or rocket could ever catch one, they were beyond fast.

  37. Stephen Hunt 23 Dec 2016 Reply

    Sorry, I ment to say J-58 engine ( I posted J-85 by accident )

  38. What Am I Doing 24 Dec 2016 Reply

    Space ships!!!

  39. Aj Wiley 25 Dec 2016 Reply

    Fhxdjjdureu Nokia

  40. jonathan fuess 7 Jan 2017 Reply


  41. Lydia Horton 21 Feb 2017 Reply


  42. jonathan fuess 21 Feb 2017 Reply

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  43. jonathan fuess 21 Feb 2017 Reply

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  44. Ralph Ptacek 7 Mar 2017 Reply

    Huffman, you are a fucking blind idiot!!!

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