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  1. Dei G ¿ 23 Oct 2016 Reply

    Great shot!

  2. JAMES BONG 23 Oct 2016 Reply

    Ahhhhhh….. It reminds me of my first flying lesson….

  3. RedPanda Mike 23 Oct 2016 Reply


  4. Vicki Viall 23 Oct 2016 Reply


  5. squid arms 23 Oct 2016 Reply

    I like planes…

  6. cutiest kim 24 Oct 2016 Reply

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  7. Frost Bite 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    that's freaking awsome!!!

  8. Gerry Turcot 26 Oct 2016 Reply

    is this a CL-215 in action??

  9. Tytianna Battle 27 Oct 2016 Reply

    Cool wow OK okward

  10. Ernest Parker 14 Dec 2016 Reply

    The beast cool

  11. Roy Bird 15 Apr 2017 Reply

    +Gerry Turcot +Gerry Turcot
    It's actually a CL 415. It has P&W turboprop engines Similar to the Dash 8 installation

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