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  1. Amazing photo

  2. Edward Hodge 23 Oct 2016 Reply

    Excellent ride

  3. David Cheng 23 Oct 2016 Reply


  4. Tyrese Wesley 23 Oct 2016 Reply


  5. Preciosa foto,el avion es impresionante

  6. Sharmi Khela 23 Oct 2016 Reply


  7. Valter Moras 23 Oct 2016 Reply

    Hello, very fast and most power aircraft

  8. Marv Turnage 23 Oct 2016 Reply

    Wow !! Now thats is a site to see .

  9. Lee Thompson 23 Oct 2016 Reply

    F-15 I believe. Very nice!

  10. Lee Thompson 23 Oct 2016 Reply

    Sorry not an F-35

  11. Vicki Viall 23 Oct 2016 Reply

    Wow! Just wow!!

  12. Joey Spex 23 Oct 2016 Reply


  13. Erin Williams 23 Oct 2016 Reply


  14. John W 23 Oct 2016 Reply

    Unbelievably cool photo, awesome jet! Thanks Brent

  15. Jordan Peters 23 Oct 2016 Reply


  16. Jordan Peters 23 Oct 2016 Reply


  17. Jackie Sims 23 Oct 2016 Reply


  18. Onyi Onexi 23 Oct 2016 Reply


  19. Mark Smith 23 Oct 2016 Reply

    looks like an F-15 in a right turn (the stabilator gives it away). And the aircraft is not in afterburner. I think the photo has been turned 90 deg. So it looks like the Eagle is going straight up.

  20. Jackie Sims 23 Oct 2016 Reply


  21. Jordan Peters 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    vc uytytytyggyyyyiu

  22. Jordan Peters 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    vc uytytytyggyyyyiu

  23. Juan Sanchez 24 Oct 2016 Reply


  24. Jackie Sims 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    BC brovbrld

  25. Mark Smith 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    The F-15 Strike Eagle is the first aircraft to break the speed of sound in a veritical climb

  26. Jackie Sims 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    It's out dated now nave is flying s plane tops out at mak
    7 pulse plane

  27. Mark Smith 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    Still a cool plane. I know two F-15 drivers. Both loved the heavy ordinance
    platform. But your right it is out of date but I would not turn down a ride
    in one. If you see aF-22 Raptor fly that is incredible. Gross weight
    70,000 lbs and 70,000 lbs of thrust. It can hold in an a vertical position.

  28. Jackie Sims 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    Yes we we got some bad planes no doubt

  29. Mark Smith 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    One ? What plane in the U.S. Inventory flys mock 7 plus. If I took your
    meaning. The only plane that could come close is the SR 71 Blackbird. But
    it could only reach 3000 mph ground speed. But satellites replaced it. And
    no one but NASA still flys them but they may have stopped flying it as well.

  30. Jackie Sims 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    A retired marine told me and I didn't believe him all I no for sure is its a pulse plane run with magnet's I heard a bout it again on a special doc. The other not still didn't get the name all I no it's navy

  31. Lee Thompson 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    +Mark Smith​ did you mean the U2 spy plane? They were incredibly fast

  32. Jackie Sims 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    Cit may have Ben scraped by now you no the GOV.

  33. Cat puter 24 Oct 2016 Reply


  34. emmanuel morency 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    Papa pye

  35. Eric Portis 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    Eagle in the sky

  36. Esmonds Chu 24 Oct 2016 Reply


  37. Jomel Tagle 24 Oct 2016 Reply


  38. John Chandy 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    Yes please. It happens I too was Air Force.

  39. bilal dear 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    Very Nice

  40. Superb

  41. Karen Holder 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    Loving the pic one of my favourite planes

  42. Dadang Hatami 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    Nice eagle..

  43. rahul shantu 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    awsom pic,deadli eagle..

  44. Stephen Nellett 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    That looks like it might have been a test bird, are those thrust vectoring nozzles on the engines?

  45. johnny fadda 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    Nice picture

  46. james coleman 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    Was this taken in Wales, top photo. How come the nozzles are closed up like that?

  47. Darren Wallace 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    Nice plane,but old now

  48. Piglet Cutter 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    Nice photo

  49. Mark Smith 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    Yes a pulse engine is on drawing board for combate use. But it is more than
    ten years away at least. And the airframe will be one of two difficult
    issues to solve. That high speed generates a lot of heat on the airframe.
    The SR-71 Black bird actually leaks fluid on the ground because the
    airframe is not tight. It needs room for expansion when the plane reaches
    its high altitude and thin atmosphere the metal expands and the airframe
    tightens and the leaks stops. The other issue to solve is the strain on the

    One point of intrest is the Black bird pilot flys at such a high altitude
    he has to wear a space suit. And when he looks up during day light hours he
    sees a night sky filled with stars.

  50. Mark Smith 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    The U-2 is the predessor to the SR-71. The U-2 flew high and fast but not
    as fast as the Black bird. Gary Powers was shot down by the Soviets when he
    flew the U-2 both planes were spy planes. He was traded back to the U.S. In
    exchange for Soviet spies

  51. chris adkins 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    That is a Real Ride!

  52. Kim Gillapp 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    Now that's Noe

  53. Jordan Peters 24 Oct 2016 Reply


  54. dejan elakovic 24 Oct 2016 Reply


  55. Marcos Pereira 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    Great Pic!!!

  56. thats really cool

  57. Sheila Davis 24 Oct 2016 Reply


  58. Zachary Ward 24 Oct 2016 Reply

    What the heck is that

  59. Alex Dotson 25 Oct 2016 Reply


  60. Zachary Ward 25 Oct 2016 Reply

    Is that a fighter jet

  61. Jordan Peters 25 Oct 2016 Reply


  62. Ashael Febo 25 Oct 2016 Reply

    Beautiful F-15 pic very nice

  63. Charles Smith 25 Oct 2016 Reply


  64. Mark Smith 25 Oct 2016 Reply

    If your asking about about the SR-71 Black bird or the U-2 the are unarmed
    spy planes. The F-22 Raptor is what they term a generation five fighter
    jet. With enclosed missel racks for stealth flight and an 30 mm cannon.
    Just a note the skin surface is covered in 100,000s sensor that allow the
    pilot when he has his helmet on gives him greater situational awareness
    pluse where ever he looks he can see outside the aircracft. The Russians
    and Chinese both have gen five aircraft but not as sofisticated as the U.S.
    Airforce. That's why this is such a great country. If you are asking about
    the photo it is a fighter jet and a damn good one. They still make them for
    other countries but the U.S. Has mothballed ours.

  65. Tedd Fowler 25 Oct 2016 Reply

    Holy shit

  66. Charles Robins 25 Oct 2016 Reply


  67. Bri Monroe 25 Oct 2016 Reply


  68. LAS Railroad 26 Oct 2016 Reply


  69. Mitch Hedberg 26 Oct 2016 Reply


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  71. Brandy Serfine 26 Oct 2016 Reply

    That is so cooool😄😄😄

  72. Christopher

  73. Mark Smith 26 Oct 2016 Reply

    That is a picture of a SR-71 Black bird. The intakes receive super sonic
    air speed but the turbin blades can not handel it. They would melt and/or
    fly apart. Given this plane was built in 1966 it is still somewhat
    classified because of the engineering done by weak large computers and men
    with pocket protector and slide rules. But going back to the air intake the
    cones that protrude from the intake help slow the air before it reaches the
    turbines. All plane enthusiast should go to Wright-Paterson AFB in Dayton
    Ohio for two reason. To see the enormous collection of planes they have.
    And the bike shop the Wright brothers built the first air plane. But make
    your reservation ahead of time because there is two more hangers on the
    base that are a must see. One being the plane that carried President
    Kenedys body back to D.C. While swearing in President Johnson with Jackie O
    Kennedy at his side. Plus that's where they keep the Allian. Truly. One of
    the tour guides called my wife over to a large metal door that must have be
    twenty feet high and fifteen feet across. He pulled it open for us only an
    we must have seen a dozen or so E.T's some where blow up and some stuffed.
    Most where green and a few dragons tossed in for good measure.

    The other place where you can see a SR-71 is in Brimingham Alabama at red
    stone rocket center or space camp. They have one hanging from the ceiling.
    They also have a Saturn five rocket lying on its side. That is what took
    our astronauts to the moon. That is one large piece of engineering. Again
    doe by guys with slide rules.

    Gotta admire geeks. They build the things that make under achievers look

  74. Irving King 26 Oct 2016 Reply


  75. Mark Smith 26 Oct 2016 Reply

    Google "scram jet". You won't believe how it works. But the only thing that
    uses scram jet engines is a missel and it does hit mock seven. The missel
    has to be dropped from an air craft and it burns a lot of fuel very fast so
    making it useful for an aircracft is not feasible because the plane would
    have to be carried under another air craft and dropped close to the target
    and fly fast. So fast it would take hundreds of miles to turn around and
    head back. But by that time it would run out of fuel. Just a note, if a
    refrigerator had a scram jet it would fly. Seriously

  76. Tytianna Battle 27 Oct 2016 Reply


  77. Bryce Jones 27 Oct 2016 Reply

    F-15 eagle really great plane its unfortunate our president take it out of our Air Force.

  78. Where is that at

  79. QueenLisa Hubard 28 Oct 2016 Reply

    That DEFINED bravery.

  80. abdul ghaffar 29 Oct 2016 Reply

    Wow wonderful

  81. LAS Railroad 2 Nov 2016 Reply


  82. Bryce Jones 2 Nov 2016 Reply

    Me because I like planes problem

  83. Bryce Jones 2 Nov 2016 Reply

    +LAS Railroad why did you comment on it if you didn't care get a life

  84. Leland Johnson 4 Nov 2016 Reply

    Bad ass!!!

  85. LAS Railroad 4 Nov 2016 Reply

    Go to TheHelloGreedo Mlg Hate him

  86. Joseph Pujals 6 Nov 2016 Reply

    That is the best thing I saw

  87. Ronson Nunez 8 Nov 2016 Reply

    F-15 eagle

  88. Mario Radanovic 8 Nov 2016 Reply

    What's up with its nozzles?

  89. Maroyd Lloyd Daim

  90. Josee Costanzo 9 Nov 2016 Reply

    CNN app

  91. Peter Guzman 10 Nov 2016 Reply

    Spectacular shot!

  92. leopoldo calbay 13 Nov 2016 Reply

    holy motherfucker

  93. nice shot

  94. Steve Sellar 20 Nov 2016 Reply

    An amazing picture and an amazing plane .

  95. Shannon Baker 2 Dec 2016 Reply

    If that is real that is totally awesome

  96. John Nichols 4 Dec 2016 Reply

    !!!! WOW!!!

  97. Bernie Auchter 10 Dec 2016 Reply

    F-15 in all it's glory!!!

  98. Ernest Parker 14 Dec 2016 Reply

    What's scary is trump behind it

  99. Garrett Scott 18 Dec 2016 Reply

    +Mark Smith yeah, I was really wondering if that was a vertical thrust…

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