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  1. Francois H. 9 Oct 2016 Reply

    No +george lăzărescu sorry those are Lockheed F-104 Starfighter.

  2. Jim K 9 Oct 2016 Reply

    Widow-maker in the hands of the krauts

  3. Francois H. 9 Oct 2016 Reply

    many fatal crashes with these German f104 due to excessive armament.

  4. Alan Surman 9 Oct 2016 Reply

    We used to enjoy watching them come into Heyford.

  5. Oliver Mayo 9 Oct 2016 Reply

    Very hairy aircraft. Lots of crashes. Fast but deadly widowmaker.

  6. Shadow Rider 9 Oct 2016 Reply

    +Francois H. In LARGE part, the accidents were actually contributed to their diminutive wings and not having enough surface area to provide neccesary lift in high-G turns.

  7. HS SH 9 Oct 2016 Reply

    What is these thing? Do they have wings at all? How can they install missiles and so on?

  8. Shadow Rider 9 Oct 2016 Reply

    +HS SH
    If I'm not mistaken, first of all, due to their stubby little wings, they were an ideal platform to equip bombs with because of its rigidity. But due to having cannons and the ability to carry missiles, it was given the "fighter" (F) designator, rather than the bomber (B) designator.

    Same with the F-111 And even the F-117.

  9. Ike Rouse 9 Oct 2016 Reply

    The red baron would love these things

  10. Jeb Hoge 9 Oct 2016 Reply

    +Shadow Rider They also had to operate low-level a lot, didn't they?

  11. Shadow Rider 9 Oct 2016 Reply

    +Jeb Hoge I think some did.
    More as an observation platform, I'd say.

  12. Qwerty Uiop 9 Oct 2016 Reply

    +HS SH wings designed for B-61 air burst, gravity guided thermonuclear device. Yield was adjustable up to 340kt. High-speed bomb delivery system, little more.

  13. Ernest W 10 Oct 2016 Reply

    Seen Hondas with larger rear tea-tray wings

  14. +Qwerty Uiop actually some B-61s were adjustable up to a mT.

  15. +Qwerty Uiop just depends on the mod of the b-61.

  16. Elsyamma Kartika 10 Oct 2016 Reply


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  19. Hailey Coile 10 Oct 2016 Reply

    They are fighting for us

  20. Fernando Figueroa 10 Oct 2016 Reply

    This os wath i call awesame

  21. sweet 😀

  22. Randal Siggson 12 Oct 2016 Reply

    Clarity 100% nice shot, an angle too

  23. Clifford Courtney 14 Oct 2016 Reply

    Yea but what kind of fire power do they have

  24. 😲😲😲

  25. LD Huckstadt 16 Nov 2016 Reply

    Old generation German Luftwaffe F 104's

  26. Ashraf Hassan 13 Dec 2016 Reply

    Is it only me that can't see wings!?

  27. Andrew Armstrong 20 Dec 2016 Reply

    They were called the window maker

  28. LD Huckstadt 20 Dec 2016 Reply

    Widow maker my friend. They were followed by F-4G's and then the current Typhoon

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