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  1. Ike Rouse 17 Sep 2016 Reply

    Super nice

  2. Bill Cummings 17 Sep 2016 Reply

    Nice photo, but it will be a cold day in hell when the Air Force starts flying Navy jets.

  3. matt mckee 17 Sep 2016 Reply

    The USAF does have them, likewise the Navy got F16s for land based adversary.

  4. Chuck Jackson 17 Sep 2016 Reply

    Ummmm….yeah. WTFRAK is a Navy jet flying with USAF on the wing? Lol

  5. Juan Hernandez 17 Sep 2016 Reply

    +Bill Cummings this photo is of the YF-17 as offered to the Air Force (They adopted the F-16). The YF-17 was later developed into the F-18 for the navy. en.m.wikipedia.org

  6. This one looked so much advance in many technological aspects… Love to see them flying above over my head.

  7. Juan Hernandez 18 Sep 2016 Reply

    +Bill Cummings+Richard Fortney​​, Hell seems a bit chilly as of late! 😉

  8. David Cheng 18 Sep 2016 Reply


  9. Rickey Ramseur 18 Sep 2016 Reply

    That is awesome

  10. Phoenix Williams 18 Sep 2016 Reply

    That jet is a beauty

  11. Justyce Amburgey 18 Sep 2016 Reply

    Awesome so cool the jet is more than awesome AMAZING!!-!-

  12. Adam Philippe 18 Sep 2016 Reply

    +Juan Hernandez glad I'm not the only one who can tell these birds apart

  13. Cynthia Cisneros 18 Sep 2016 Reply


  14. Eu amo é aviação, máquinas é fantásticas, não tenho compromisso ou obrigação ou cobrança. …mulheres é interessante mas sem compromisso …..mulheres o gosta da sua grana amar é ilusão passageira. ..vce tem que aparecer simples pra ver qual é a delas se gostar de vce como vce é sem saber oque vce faz tudo bem. …sem saber sua situação financeira e você ver nela a simplicidade a meiguice dela como ela é aí é outra situação. ….porque tem mulheres lindas e simples e não interesseira o Brasil é assim. …sou brasileiro e adoro minha Pátria. ….politica é outra história não vamos por esse lado.

  15. Cynthia Cisneros 18 Sep 2016 Reply

    I mean Awesome

  16. Peter Ford 18 Sep 2016 Reply

    Always remember the F-18 is a Northrop design, not Douglas!

  17. Henry Wiens 18 Sep 2016 Reply

    Badass! Right

  18. john smith 18 Sep 2016 Reply


  19. Gordon Jones 18 Sep 2016 Reply

    I love it

  20. mike Garringer 18 Sep 2016 Reply

    Love this!!!!!

  21. Rahmizal Rizal 19 Sep 2016 Reply

    Good project

  22. Yarragorla Murthy 19 Sep 2016 Reply


  23. Ramzy Murphy 19 Sep 2016 Reply

    This so special

  24. Laerte Pereira 19 Sep 2016 Reply

    Máquina poderosa e bonita.

  25. jack weston 19 Sep 2016 Reply

    old tech is fun to look at.

  26. Maria e Pin 20 Sep 2016 Reply

    Ching on so oops my a!!!!

  27. Orlando Clark 25 Oct 2016 Reply

    Nice photo of yf- 17

  28. Mercedes Benz 7 Nov 2016 Reply

    +Peter Ford Not McDonnell Douglas?

  29. John Nichols 5 Dec 2016 Reply

    +Bill Cummings they sure flew the check out of the F

  30. John Nichols 5 Dec 2016 Reply

    the F4 even ordered more than the navy.

  31. Joe 54b 5 Dec 2016 Reply

    Another nice one! …nice work, bro… …it's quite a 'shot'… …:)

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