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  1. masoud Irani 27 Aug 2016 Reply


  2. Катапульт трое моё кресло в рабочем состоянии.

  3. Катапульта. Знать бы её размеры. Может для обезьянок?

  4. 好早上 27 Aug 2016 Reply

    You guys launch monkey's with that thing?…

  5. +好早上 это катапульта, для полёта обезьян в космос.
    У нас собаки, у них обезьяны.

  6. 好早上 27 Aug 2016 Reply

    Well, right on. So that's what Uncle Sugar used to launch the chimp for his ride around the earth.
    That's pretty neat.

  7. Jim K 27 Aug 2016 Reply

    Ejection capsule from B-58.

  8. Qwerty Uiop 27 Aug 2016 Reply

    +好早上 maybe ejection seat is what "catapult" means. .

  9. 好早上 28 Aug 2016 Reply

    Well I stand corrected. Either way, chim chim went for a ride.

  10. Paul Danger Kile 7 Sep 2016 Reply

    So the engines flame out, as they tend to do, and that thing drops over the pilot, and now the pilot can't fix the problem, and needs to bail.

    <– SR-71 story in a Smithsonian special issue. I am light on details here, but I can look them up if anyone wants me to.

    I am not disagreeing with Jim K. These things were probably tried with different high altitude planes.

  11. John S 15 Oct 2016 Reply

    So this is where the producer of the movie, "Escape from New York" got the escape capsule idea for the President from.

  12. Ken Black 14 Feb 2017 Reply

    B70 also used a clamshell ejection system

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