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  1. Ash Williams 24 Aug 2016 Reply

    No Mr. President it's not overkill it's a prototype

  2. на нем только зулусов в африке бомбить. Тех, у кого кроме лука и копья, другого оружия нет.

  3. Hyoon-dae Cheon 24 Aug 2016 Reply

    Are those FAE Bomb tanks? If so, definitely not a subtle spear…

  4. Dilip Sawant 24 Aug 2016 Reply


  5. Mike LeTourneau 24 Aug 2016 Reply

    Cessna A37 COIN. I once watched a Colombian pilot tear up the undercarriage landing at San Andres Island. Veered off the runway, snapped the gear off and came sliding to a stop right in front of where I'd just started up!

  6. Tony Werner 24 Aug 2016 Reply

    +Ash Williams OR just plain necessary; looks a little light to me. HA!

  7. +Hyoon-dae Cheon напалм

  8. Hyoon-dae Cheon 24 Aug 2016 Reply

    +Aleksandr Wostrikow Still, not subtle. Wouldn't want to be on the wrong end of that stuff…

  9. Jahkil Peters 24 Aug 2016 Reply

    That big

  10. Jahkil Peters 24 Aug 2016 Reply

    That big

  11. A-37 dragonfly,cuando era parte de la FACH

  12. Trinidad Quintero 24 Aug 2016 Reply

    That is cool

  13. Zuri Townsend 24 Aug 2016 Reply

    That is bad

  14. Maroyd Lloyd Daim 25 Aug 2016 Reply

    Maroyd Lloyd Daim Anna ⌚

  15. Mason Julian 25 Aug 2016 Reply

    Dude that looks awesome

  16. Maroyd Lloyd Daim 25 Aug 2016 Reply

    Maroyd Lloyd Daim Anna ⌚ 👌

  17. Mason Julian 25 Aug 2016 Reply

    Dude that

  18. Trinity Benson 25 Aug 2016 Reply

    That's amazing

  19. Dragonouss 25 Aug 2016 Reply


  20. Franco Gottardo 25 Aug 2016 Reply

    Mon rêve de gosse pilote de chasse embarquée sur porte avion…putain sa l'fait. J'ai tte la collection des buck Danny, les chevaliers du ciel,Tanguy et la verdure etc etc. Dans une autre vie je ferais pas le con à l'école. Vétérinaire, musicien putain chuis dégoûté

  21. A y q p aAz a b

  22. zeeshan awan 25 Aug 2016 Reply


  23. David Flynn 25 Aug 2016 Reply

    Dave Flynn.
    Does it fly .??.

  24. SoundQ Lexus 25 Aug 2016 Reply

    Napalm death

  25. Roberto Bran Jr 25 Aug 2016 Reply


  26. Jose Sanchez 25 Aug 2016 Reply

    This sucks

  27. Roy Evensen 25 Aug 2016 Reply

    Its a warthog fighter seen them in Nam.

  28. Mike Smith 25 Aug 2016 Reply

    Roy Evensen, this is not an A-10 Thunderbolt aka a "Warthog".

    This looks more like an A-37 "Dragonfly" with 250 pounders and drop tanks.

  29. Glenn Redmond 25 Aug 2016 Reply

    Yep what Mike Smith says

  30. Ron Parsons 25 Aug 2016 Reply

    Its an A-37 counter interdiction groundsupport aircraft. An development of the T-37 Tweety bird trainer. Used in Viet Nam. It was flown by the unknown soldier…who was identified.

  31. Pilar Campos 25 Aug 2016 Reply


  32. Freddy Rivas 25 Aug 2016 Reply

    These war machines won't be able to save us from The Almighty Jehovah God who through his Son Jesus Christ will end all wars soon.🙌😎 Can't wait.

  33. jonas cidingi 26 Aug 2016 Reply


  34. Edwin Piña 26 Aug 2016 Reply

    I dont believe that could fly

  35. It is very dangerous

  36. Macon Akpobo 26 Aug 2016 Reply

    So cool seeing that cool plane I wonder how it is in the military base.

  37. Maria Fundora 26 Aug 2016 Reply


  38. Bedooo Selim 27 Aug 2016 Reply


  39. David Davis 27 Aug 2016 Reply

    Love airplane level airplane

  40. Alize Dennise 27 Aug 2016 Reply

    Wow I'v never seen anything like that befor

  41. riadh kki 27 Aug 2016 Reply


  42. Lupe Ramos 28 Aug 2016 Reply


  43. David Davis 28 Aug 2016 Reply


  44. Como. LA. Ven

  45. Jeff Satterwhite 28 Aug 2016 Reply

    You can hang all that on it at one time, but will it fly?

  46. Assana Dicko 29 Aug 2016 Reply

    Bjr sa ces quel sorte Avion de chasse ? Merci

  47. Jahkil Peters 29 Aug 2016 Reply

    That cool

  48. James Daley 30 Aug 2016 Reply

    Don't be deceived, this Observe/Attack airframe can be loaded with attack rockets, live Mk-82's LD, napalm, and cbu's. It has minigun in the nose. Plus, AR probe.

  49. Luis Muñoz 30 Aug 2016 Reply

    Linda imagen genial

  50. Ike Rouse 4 Sep 2016 Reply

    What kind of prototype is this?

  51. Jeff Satterwhite 4 Sep 2016 Reply

    A-37, Vietnam era

  52. Guerlyne Joseph 5 Sep 2016 Reply


  53. Lupe Ramos 5 Sep 2016 Reply


  54. Gracia Adeclat 14 Sep 2016 Reply

    War was never pretty? The ultimate sacrifice

  55. Mark Bruni 15 Sep 2016 Reply

    Super Tweet

  56. Hemant Nerkar 19 Sep 2016 Reply


  57. Cessna A-37 Dragonfly

  58. Ike Rouse 9 Oct 2016 Reply

    Never fought in an USA war. Mostly peace time aircraft

  59. Looks awesome but never engage in combat … Then what's the point of building such monster ?? Waste of material and energy !!

  60. Steven Beaverton 17 Oct 2016 Reply

    Not correct. The Dragonfly served with distinction with the US Air Force in the Vietnam War. It used primarily for close air support and as an escort for helicopters rescuing downed pilots. It fulfilled a similar role as the A-1 Skyraider, which it was initially intended to replace. The OA-37 shown in the photo was developed from an existing training aircraft, the T-37.

  61. Ike Rouse 18 Oct 2016 Reply

    Bat 21

  62. Mark Bruni 18 Oct 2016 Reply

    Chilean super tweet

  63. Mark Bruni 18 Oct 2016 Reply

    +Ike Rouse nope A 37 nothing to do with bat21 01 or O2

  64. Mark Bruni 18 Oct 2016 Reply

    Miss seeing OA 37 heading to the Grove

  65. Mark Bruni 18 Oct 2016 Reply

    For little plane they were loud!😸

  66. Carlos Carvajal 6 Dec 2016 Reply

    Legendaria ave chilena!!! Muy linda

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