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  1. Bill Currie 2 Aug 2016 Reply

    Great pic.

  2. Jayson Stark 2 Aug 2016 Reply

    Love this picture!

  3. سلام
    اسم این هواپیما چیست ؟ ایا موستنگ است ؟

  4. Robert McLeod 3 Aug 2016 Reply

    great pic, I wish I could have been him.

  5. GLORIA ORELLANA 3 Aug 2016 Reply


  6. David Cheng 4 Aug 2016 Reply


  7. Robbyran Phidan 4 Aug 2016 Reply


  8. Ana Gaitan 4 Aug 2016 Reply

    That is like in the old times right

  9. Keywanna Caston 5 Aug 2016 Reply

    My goodness! Is that the shark airplane? I can't hardly believe it

  10. Keywanna Caston 5 Aug 2016 Reply

    That's nice pic! 😆

  11. Jimmy Waldrop 5 Aug 2016 Reply

    Yea that getting the work done ha ha he's it amarica see sea you C

  12. Bedooo Selim 27 Aug 2016 Reply


  13. Jimmy Waldrop 27 Aug 2016 Reply

    Yea you do that to me sometimes it a party then its better to pray Maddie shute this email address so that is a bit more information contained within your email and then we can war to say yea I love you that much

  14. Franklin Souze 7 Oct 2016 Reply

    AVG Flying Tiger Pilot in China circa 1941, bird is a Curtis P40

  15. Matthew Tran 15 Dec 2016 Reply

    +Aliasghar Barkhordari That's a P-40B Warhawk flown in 1940/1941by the American Volunteer Group (AVGs) in China against Japan! (:

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