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  1. Josh Rhodes 31 Jul 2016 Reply

    This looks like an accidental photo to me.. like Bob says, "bring the camera over here the sky looks amazing over here.. click zooooooommmmmm.. what was that?"

    Later they develop the picture: "oh.. but.. what is that?"

  2. Не хватает миг 31, перехватившего ср71.))))

  3. David Cheng 31 Jul 2016 Reply


  4. Dilip Sawant 31 Jul 2016 Reply


  5. Shadow Rider 31 Jul 2016 Reply

    SR-71 Blackbird.
    Created by the "Skunkworks" division at Area 51.

    World's fastest non-combat aircraft with a cruising speed of MACH 3, top speed of MACH 5.

    Designed to fly in the farthest reaches of the atmosphere, and able to outrun Soviet missiles.

    No Blackbird was ever lost to enemy fire, with only two lost due to pilot error.

  6. +Shadow Rider он не боевой.
    У него оружия нет.
    Самый быстрый боевой, миг 31 и миг 25!!!!

  7. Todd Pereira 31 Jul 2016 Reply

    Cool potential

  8. James Coleman 31 Jul 2016 Reply


  9. Shadow Rider 31 Jul 2016 Reply

    +James Coleman

    I think I may know you.
    Like………person to person know!!!

  10. Shadow Rider 1 Aug 2016 Reply

    +Aleksandr Wostrikow that is why I said "NON-COMBAT AIRCRAFT", sir!!!

  11. +Shadow Rider шпион, разведчик, но не боевой. Тот вариант, что предусматривал наличие ракет, был бесполезен. Он их не мог пустить в ход.
    А вот миг 31, на скорости 3М, стреляет прекрасно.

  12. Kazem Karami 9 Aug 2016 Reply

    SR 71 black bird

  13. Shadow Rider 9 Aug 2016 Reply

    +Aleksandr Wostrikow SR71 CAN'T use weapons. It flies too fast and would fly into its own missile.

  14. +Shadow Rider ой не смешите меня.
    Миг 31 – на встречном курсе, съест его.

  15. Todd Pereira 9 Aug 2016 Reply


  16. Shadow Rider 9 Aug 2016 Reply

    +Aleksandr Wostrikow Whatever, fuckface!!!

  17. Shadow Rider 9 Aug 2016 Reply

    What's the top speed of your MiG-31???

  18. Shadow Rider 9 Aug 2016 Reply



    MACH 5.
    EAT IT!!!!

  19. Shari Hiatt 27 Aug 2016 Reply

    Black Bird field them over seas ! Veitnam war !

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