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  1. masataka kyou 10 Jul 2016 Reply


  2. Rey Janjua 10 Jul 2016 Reply

    The F-35 is a dope design. I like it. But I wonder and I want to hear other people's thoughts on this. What do you think would win in an aerial one on one dogfight. This or the PAK-FA?

  3. Ben Li 10 Jul 2016 Reply

    Is thus F-35B model? I guess this is called "lifting fan" for vertical landing and take off.

  4. Brad Boutwell 11 Jul 2016 Reply

    Great shot.

  5. Brad Boutwell 11 Jul 2016 Reply

    +Rey Janjua Wouldn't matter. There is only ONE PAK-FA. So…two F-35 = ZERO PAK-FA

  6. Rey Janjua 11 Jul 2016 Reply

    +Brad Boutwell Nahhhh, one on one only man. 😉 F-35 Or PAK-FA?

  7. Brad Boutwell 11 Jul 2016 Reply

    +Rey Janjua F-35. PAK-FA is a prototype. Actual weapons systems integration hasn't been done. It's like saying a Navy Seal against Batman. Batman isn't real.

  8. Rey Janjua 11 Jul 2016 Reply

    +Brad Boutwell​ Lol, Batman is real! 😉 I should've been more clearer buddy. (T-50) PAK-FA fully combat ready v.s a F-35. Dream fight. It might be a tight battle imo. Pilot skill and outmanoeuvring may decide the victor.
    Still F-35 for you?

  9. digranni 11 Jul 2016 Reply

    Bombas pesadas como tomahawk nem pensar😞

  10. Brad Boutwell 11 Jul 2016 Reply

    +Rey Janjua​ yes. If you can't see me you can't shoot me. The AMRAAM -D gives me 100 mile standoff capability and virtually no warning before impact.

  11. Jozef Kersic 11 Jul 2016 Reply

    You don't need PAK-FA, old Typhoon (Eurofighter) is quite a match to clean these from the skies and far less expensive…

  12. Rey Janjua 11 Jul 2016 Reply

    +Brad Boutwell​​​ What about if let's say, the stealth failed? Hypothecally and the PAK-FA sighted and engaged the F35 pilot in one on one dogfighting. Would the F-35 be more manoeuvrable and win, because it's got a smaller profile?

    I'd appreciate your thoughts on it?

  13. Rey Janjua 11 Jul 2016 Reply

    +Jozef Kersic​ Eurofighter is a cool design, I wonder if that would happen. Let me know a bit more about why you've come to this conclusion, it's great to read your input Jozef. 🙂

  14. y OH 11 Jul 2016 Reply

    If no vacant more than 45% of the fuel tank 7G more than it takes. is that true? http://srad.jp/story/16/02/09/063238/

  15. Jozef Kersic 11 Jul 2016 Reply

    +Rey Janjua It's no secret, there are Red flag events, where major players in this field test their products in simulated environment…, F-35 and even F-22 gets kicked out of the skies by generation 4 planes…
    The only advantage F-35 has, is its stealth, which works great when going against third world countries, but once you have Europe's or Russia's latest technology on the other side, there's whole different picture. Today there are several technological improvements that render that stealth technology obsolete…, stealth technology works on long distances, but what good does that do, out of the weapons range, out of the visual range, no active radar…, stealth planes are great for support, but when things need to be done you need true breed birds who can fight their way out, not hide in the bushes…, hence USAF still keep F-15's & F-16's in the sky (F-16 is superior to F-35 in dogfight as well), they even kept aged F/A-18, but maintainance problems with lack of parts grounded them recently for good…
    Look at it this way, infantry is also low tech, but you can't win anything without it.
    In the end it's all about the numbers and way things are going with F-35 future doesn't look promising, even US Air Force wants to drop that costly project, however they will first try to get allies to buy them and cut the losses (GB, Italy, Australia…)…, funny thing is, rich Saudis, traditional allies and customers of US, who don't really care about the costs as much as they care about having the best, are negotiating a deal to buy Eurofighters in great numbers…, I guess that speaks about Eurofighter's value as well…

  16. Brad Boutwell 11 Jul 2016 Reply

    +Rey Janjua No. The F-35 would be well underpowered to out-maneuver. I think they are saying spool-up times on the power plant are still pretty poor. High bypass engines reduce infrared signature but I think they also reduce output power while enjoying better fuel efficiency. I think the Russians are in the "carry bigger tanks and screw efficiency" school.

  17. Brad Boutwell 11 Jul 2016 Reply

    +Jozef Kersic I haven't seen one scenario where a Gen 4 aircraft had gotten anything but a lucky shot on an F-22. The foremost combat instructors on F-15's say they get one and only one shot on an F-22 in visual range and if they don't lock him up, they die. An F-16 flying against a -22 doesn't even get that unless he falls in behind by luck. Head to head approach= no chance. Sidewinder won't aquire and the F-22 can out turn an AMRAAM. Game over.

  18. Rey Janjua 11 Jul 2016 Reply

    +Jozef Kersic Thanks for your thoughts Jozef, this is such a interesting read. I like all these fighters, great designs. In your opinion, why are the fourth generation and older fighters better? Is it because they are dedicated attack fighter platform's and the F-35's focus is stealth and multirole? How come the F/18 is better when it's an older design. What happened?

    I found this comparison video where they compare a SU-35 and F-35. It's very intresting. https://youtu.be/0YDEhIp50go

  19. Rey Janjua 11 Jul 2016 Reply

    +Brad Boutwell​ Thanks for your thoughts dude, so you agree with my thoughts that the F-35 smaller profile would allow it to out manoeuvre the PAK – FA?

  20. Rey Janjua 11 Jul 2016 Reply

    +Brad Boutwell Where can I find this cool info and see the F22 and F-35 facing off against all these fighters. I'd love to see them all face off. 🙂

  21. Joe Montoya 11 Jul 2016 Reply

    Chuck Yeager shot down a Mig while flying a prop plane. Anything is possible.

  22. Norma Alvarado 11 Jul 2016 Reply


  23. Brad Boutwell 11 Jul 2016 Reply

    +Rey Janjua no. The PAK-FA has a substantial power advantage over the F-35. The PAK-FA can turn outside and still get the kill angle faster.

  24. Brad Boutwell 11 Jul 2016 Reply

    +Joe Montoya And Santa Claus goes to all the houses in one night!

  25. Rey Janjua 11 Jul 2016 Reply

    +Brad Boutwell​​ Ahhhh, okay. So it's power will make it faster and it's not heavier, even though it's larger. Intresting. Both are great. I wonder what the sixth and seventh generations will look like? Mayby they will be unmanned? Or V.R/augmented?

  26. Nik Patterson 12 Jul 2016 Reply


  27. Zat Warrior 13 Jul 2016 Reply

    F35 stovl is a beautiful thing

  28. Zat Warrior 13 Jul 2016 Reply

    +Brad Boutwell winning an air to air combat scenario has more to do with pilot experience than anything else. Also, the f35 is stealth oriented as is the pakfa t-50.

  29. Brad Boutwell 13 Jul 2016 Reply

    +Zat Warrior Agreed on both points. But pilot skill only gets you so far. The weapons systems ability to engage BVR can be inherently decisive and T-50 is a "one and only prototype". It's actually capabilities are thoretical. It is a "Detroit concept vehicle".

  30. Keith Allingham 13 Jul 2016 Reply

    +Rey Janjua the f35. The pak would never know what hit it

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