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  1. Reo Cruz 19 Jun 2016 Reply

    Chubs aircraft. I like it.

  2. Jaidyn Simon 19 Jun 2016 Reply

    That is a big aircraft

  3. Thomas Wamil 19 Jun 2016 Reply

    Like flying high.

  4. Lucas Staab 19 Jun 2016 Reply

    Is that real?

  5. Diana Threatt 26 Jun 2016 Reply


  6. Napoleon Cooper 5 Jul 2016 Reply

    This is a C-124 cargo plane

  7. Larry Eley 21 Aug 2016 Reply

    I was an aircraft maintenance man in the USAF and was schooled and trained on jet aircraft with over two engines so I had limited knowledge on receprical engine aircraft. A C-124 landed at our base and it had a cracked windshield on the pilots side. I was sent out to change it. I completed the change and wrote it up for a pressure check to make sure there was no leaks. That was what you did on jet aircraft. I went in and told the superviser what I had done. The old timers got a laugh out of that because the 124 is not pressurized so there is no leak check required. I laughed along with them and said. I don't need to work on any more old outdated aircraft.

  8. Jeffrey Hall 17 Nov 2016 Reply

    Big shakey,burnt a lot of oil

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