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  1. That barrel roll is wrong

  2. Brian Bridges 12 Jun 2016 Reply

    Star Fox Zero, Peppy should say, "Do a Pugachev's Cobra!"

  3. Eleana Campoverde 12 Jun 2016 Reply

    Ottimo come lezione. Grazie amico. Buona serata 🌹

  4. Reo Cruz 12 Jun 2016 Reply

    +Musashi the Great and Powerful aileron roll.

  5. Bruce Anderson 12 Jun 2016 Reply

    Why no Immelman?

  6. 好早上 13 Jun 2016 Reply


  7. Dilip Sawant 13 Jun 2016 Reply

    You have shown best loops.

  8. Are these hard to do

  9. Anonymous User 8 Jul 2016 Reply

    That's not a barrel roll. That's an aileron roll. A barrel roll gains altitude while an aileron roll stays relatively at the same altitude.

  10. Bill Ramsey 10 Jul 2016 Reply

    The reason you eat bananas they taste the same when coming up.

  11. Max Ruban 17 Aug 2016 Reply

    This is not easy to do.

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