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  1. Edward Garza 22 May 2016 Reply

    The aircraft does not fly that fast to break the sound barrier.

  2. Joel Torres 22 May 2016 Reply


  3. Richard Fortney 22 May 2016 Reply

    this is just a water vapor trail

  4. Keith Allingham 22 May 2016 Reply


  5. ashton ramkissoon 22 May 2016 Reply

    What is this cloudy stuff?

  6. Ben Li 22 May 2016 Reply

    I don't think this is real. B-52 is not that fast.

  7. Brando Phoenix 22 May 2016 Reply

    Can you imagine if this was an actual possibility?

  8. David Mckenzie 22 May 2016 Reply

    Photoshopped. B52s are not fast enough…

  9. Trent Seeley 22 May 2016 Reply

    That is too funny!Awesome bomber though.

  10. David Cheng 22 May 2016 Reply


  11. Dipu Chako 22 May 2016 Reply


  12. Darren McDonald 22 May 2016 Reply


  13. Anthony Lehto 22 May 2016 Reply

    Nice photoshop

  14. Varsányi István 22 May 2016 Reply


  15. keith jarvis 22 May 2016 Reply

    Lots of photoshopping on this one eh? Lol, if only that speed was possible with this plane.

  16. adriano gosetto 22 May 2016 Reply


  17. Donn Jones 22 May 2016 Reply

    Err I thing you would pull the wings off

  18. Sven L. 22 May 2016 Reply

    Is that real? These clouds form at the transition from sonic to super sonic speed. The B-52 is incapable of super sonic speed. That makes me guess that PS is at work. Otherwise please explain to me.

  19. James Schaal 22 May 2016 Reply

    How many -g's can a mans body withstand can only go as fast as our pilots skin can stech and leave the stomich back at home maybe then ono could even consider being in flyght. Of such a machine

  20. michel prins 22 May 2016 Reply

    vapour trails are real 😛

  21. Todd Green 22 May 2016 Reply

    Maybe in a steep enough dive, it could get close. But it would probably damage the plane too much. .88mach is the fastest rated speed.

  22. Curtis Edenfield 22 May 2016 Reply

    One of the coolest thing I saw. My Dad an I sat at the end of the runway at Luke AFB. An watch the 52 take off! An let me tell you, them giant ass wings do literally flap up an down on takeoff!

  23. PShoppo chopchop

  24. 😉

  25. Aleeh Antunes 23 May 2016 Reply


  26. Ooops…a sonic boom

  27. Luis Muñoz 29 May 2016 Reply

    Excelente imagen

  28. Keith Heffner 6 Jun 2016 Reply


  29. semp dmg4life 6 Jun 2016 Reply

    Ur fake

  30. Loyd R 11 Aug 2016 Reply

    Wonderful photoshop! I wish it COULD go that fast!

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