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  1. What's the plane?

  2. Blake Johnson 1 May 2016 Reply

    YF-23 black widow

  3. Terry Gibson 1 May 2016 Reply


  4. Sid Jones 1 May 2016 Reply

    So awesome

  5. Braeden Parker 1 May 2016 Reply

    That's cool where'd ya find it

  6. Ted MacDonald 2 May 2016 Reply

    The YF-23 was not as maneuverable as the now F/A-22 Raptor but much more stealthier and faster much faster .

  7. Reo Cruz 2 May 2016 Reply

    Is this the Black Widow that's at the airport on display?

  8. Mary Neel 2 May 2016 Reply


  9. Ricky Dawson 2 May 2016 Reply

    +Ted MacDonald think it beat the f-22 all round except being ready for distribution and maintenance costs. F-22 is a monster so I know this one would have been a beast too if put in service

  10. Lyndon EaTon 2 May 2016 Reply


  11. Brianna Mcqueen 2 May 2016 Reply

    What is it😟😟

  12. Reo Cruz 2 May 2016 Reply

    +Ricky Dawson the few reasons the Lightning II/Raptor won was because it used new materials (what?), better supercruise, smaller profile (which ended up bigger in the end), ability to thrust vector and better maneuverability.

    The Black Widow surpassed it in speed, cheaper due to using preexisting parts cutting down maintenance and airframe downtime, really small radar cross section (from practically every angle; the Raptor's biggest signature is the front intakes) and a multitude of other features that the now Raptor does not have anymore or in a limited state.

  13. Bryson Hoskyns 2 May 2016 Reply

    That is so cool👦👦👦

  14. Dale Connell 5 May 2016 Reply

    These raptors are at the Vermont Air National Park Guard, and neighboring Burlington International Airport.

  15. Ricky Dawson 5 May 2016 Reply

    +Reo Cruz hey sorry did not get back and tell you thank you for the information. I thought they lost contract because of build time expectations

  16. Ted MacDonald 6 May 2016 Reply

    This mock up model is all that is left of the YF-23 Black widow . The Lockheed employees that worked on the project were allowed to restore this . They did it on there own time .

  17. Reo Cruz 6 May 2016 Reply

    +Ted MacDonald is this the one that is on display in California? I think it's the Torrance municipal airport. Not too sure.

  18. Toni Alvarado 21 May 2016 Reply


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