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  1. F/A-18(D?) Super Hornet

  2. Bonita aeronave.

  3. +Alyx G059 This is the YF-17. That was the contender along with the YF-16 for the US light fighter program. Out of the YF-17 later came the F-18

  4. +Sir Gregory Cromwell

    THERE WAS A 17!?

  5. +Alyx G059 yup just like the YF-22 and YF-23 were competing for the advanced tactical fighter competition. Which was won by Lockheed with the F-22. The YF-17 was competing with the YF-16 in the lightweight fighter program. The F-16 won that for the USAF but the NAVY adopted the design for the F-18

  6. Kaylee Hubbard 26 Apr 2016 Reply


  7. Richard Atkison 26 Apr 2016 Reply

    One hell of a gs two are miniature f 16 so. Fast youl shit if you pull straight up full throttle 6 minutes outer space but it wil fast stall out at 4 minute s 1400 80

  8. Jet Driver 27 Apr 2016 Reply

    I have the rc version and it's a crowd pleaser at the field🎆👍

  9. Donn Jones 28 Apr 2016 Reply

    Pretty aircraft

  10. Arturooo Vazquez 30 Apr 2016 Reply

    Good the only one

  11. Lupita Meija 1 May 2016 Reply


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