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  1. Kamal Tailor 24 Apr 2016 Reply

    Concord over NYC!

  2. TANISHA 24 Apr 2016 Reply


  3. carlos rodrigues 24 Apr 2016 Reply

    Esse avião é espetacular lindíssimo

  4. Danny Quizon 24 Apr 2016 Reply

    I was lucky enough to have seen a Concorde on the runway at JFK in the early 1990's. It was smaller than I expected it would be but still awesome to look at! 👍

  5. William Green 24 Apr 2016 Reply

    As a schoolboy, we went to see the first flight at Filton and then many years later I saw it land at Heathrow for the last time.

  6. Dennis Abremski 24 Apr 2016 Reply

    Saw one take off from JFK – very very impressive!

  7. G Wales 24 Apr 2016 Reply

    Greatest plane ever made for commercial flight , today planes lag far behind concorde it was simply well ahead of its time then and now , what a shame manufacturers today can't built a replacement for it
    Maybe British and french are much better than any other country in the world at building supersonic aircraft europe should restart another up to date aircraft

  8. On new York beautiful

  9. Aru Tairen 24 Apr 2016 Reply

    I've never flown with the concorde but I've been in one in a museum.

  10. Pollo Mendez 24 Apr 2016 Reply

    Were is it

  11. Saindy Isabeli 24 Apr 2016 Reply

    I Love airplane 😍😍💖✈

  12. Roma Effat 24 Apr 2016 Reply

    أضرار ياسمين البريشم

  13. Marietta Clayborn 24 Apr 2016 Reply

    I've lived by an air port.I love watching mostly the landings.at night!the runways are beautiful.seemed these jets are so close you could reach up and touch them. However I've never flown.hope to take my first flight this summer to LOS VAGAS

  14. Rodney McLeod 25 Apr 2016 Reply

    I love airplane

  15. Danny Quizon 25 Apr 2016 Reply

    The U.S. had two different Supersonic Transport designs… one from Lockheed and one from Boeing. The Boeing model was larger than the Concorde and could go Mach 3, more than twice the top speed of the Concorde. Congress killed the SST project in 1971 due to concerns that a fleet of this aircraft would destroy Earth's ozone layer and fears of massive sonic booms.

  16. David Reiss 27 Apr 2016 Reply

    I love my WTC!

  17. David Reiss 27 Apr 2016 Reply

    The Concord is sweet too!

  18. Akhil Karra 14 Jul 2016 Reply

    Never flown on one, but looks beautiful. That is, as we all know, the Concorde

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