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  1. Arjun Bhardwaja 19 Mar 2016 Reply


  2. Walter Bedsole 19 Mar 2016 Reply

    I like this.. Thanks for sharing

  3. Taher Assaid 19 Mar 2016 Reply


  4. bob boomer 20 Mar 2016 Reply

    Bullshit plane they stole our techology

  5. Donn Jones 21 Mar 2016 Reply

    Great aircraft so big yet so maneuverable

  6. +bob boomer usa technology is bullshit. In space usa fly on Russian ship and usa buy Russian rocket engines for space fly. Fuck you.

  7. bob boomer 26 Mar 2016 Reply

    We should of kicked russia back where they belong. Patton was right. They are like the chinesse they steal everything

  8. Usa losers can't kick anyasss. Russia and China will destroy american Nazi. All nazis after ww2 ran to usa. Guantanamo camp like nazi concentration camp. Where weapon for mass killing from Iraq? Why million people from Iraq died? Usa is resident evil. Russia will save world again like vs hitler and napoleon shit.

  9. bob boomer 27 Mar 2016 Reply

    Fuck you. G i

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  10. Что укропы что амеры , олени тупые

  11. Geoff Peacock 4 Apr 2016 Reply

    +bob boomer And the F-35 has come in on budget, without any problems!!!

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