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  1. Jean-marc Sanchez 11 Feb 2016 Reply

    Pull up your indercarriage isn't down and locked !!!!

  2. Donn Jones 11 Feb 2016 Reply

    The thunderbirds doing amazing things with a big jet

  3. Action Jackson 11 Feb 2016 Reply

    *prepare to land

  4. Eleana Campoverde 11 Feb 2016 Reply

    Thanks for your posts. Good night my dear friend Brent.

  5. William Prine 12 Feb 2016 Reply

    F-105 getting kinky! LBJ made them fly on a timetable, so the North Vietnamese knew exactly when they were coming and where they were coming from. No wonder this aircraft has the distinction of having the highest percentage of casualties.

  6. George Xouxlias 12 Feb 2016 Reply

    Τι μαλακιες είναι αυτες; μολις ειδε ο αμερικανος πτεραρχος τι εχουν οι ρωσοι λιποθυμησε Βρεντ! Στη κυριολεξια λιποθύμησε!

  7. Upside down? Cool!!!

  8. ANTHONY MANN 16 Feb 2016 Reply


  9. Darby Long 17 Feb 2016 Reply

    Upside down Thud…F 105 thunderchief

  10. Igor Mares 18 Feb 2016 Reply

    This is tricky with 105

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