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  1. Eleana Campoverde 17 Jan 2016 Reply

    Nice post. Thank and Good evening my dear Brent. 🌹

  2. JOHN KIRIAKOU 17 Jan 2016 Reply

    Good afternoon THESSALONIKI-GREECE.
    Coming the Russian T-50 PAK FA (FLAPJACK in NATO language).

  3. Danny Quizon 17 Jan 2016 Reply

    I think the P-51 is using the Tuskegee Airmen color scheme. Can anyone confirm?

  4. Bill Currie 17 Jan 2016 Reply

    In a low speed, low altitude conflict, I think I'd prefer the Mustang.

  5. Mark Snow 17 Jan 2016 Reply

    +Danny Quizon They were called the red tailed squadron, I believe the wing tips were painted red and yellow stripes on the wings near the fuselage.

  6. Danny Quizon 17 Jan 2016 Reply

    +Mark Snow Thanks! ❄👍

  7. Me gusta

  8. steve Franklin 18 Jan 2016 Reply

    That is cool thanks for posting

  9. Ainebye Benjamin 4 Feb 2016 Reply

    this is wonderful

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