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  1. JETimmons 5 Jan 2016 Reply

    Vought Cutlass

  2. Nice

  3. William Prine 5 Jan 2016 Reply

    Vought F7U Cutlass – A chronically under-powered, buggy aircraft. Cutlass had the highest accident rate of all Navy swept-wing fighters.

  4. Brady Reed 5 Jan 2016 Reply

    thankyou for telling me that I also really like planes alot assuming that you like planes that is

  5. tasar tunner 5 Jan 2016 Reply

    That's cool man

  6. Evey Knust 5 Jan 2016 Reply

    Wher is tucson's la Buzz coffe shoo

  7. nice

  8. That's pretty cool.

  9. Is cool brent burzycki.

  10. Celia Salas 8 Jan 2016 Reply

    Tris de la loteria de mexico

  11. I never been on one of those

  12. JETimmons 9 Jan 2016 Reply

    Yeah it was a pain to fly and had a bad history of crashing on carriers. I saw them restoring one of these at Vought,but don't know if they finished it or not.

  13. ryan asakil 30 Jan 2016 Reply

    Fuck you

  14. Mehdi Ahmadi 1 Feb 2016 Reply

    F7U Cutlass made by Vought
    A carrier based Fighter, but nit a successful one

  15. LTG Hektor 3 Feb 2016 Reply

    Good collection!

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