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  1. William Prine 3 Jan 2016 Reply

    The Rockwell XFV-12 never flew. Looks ridiculous from the rear. It's like a bumble bee's bottom.

  2. David Cheng 3 Jan 2016 Reply


  3. Dianna Tatum 4 Jan 2016 Reply


  4. steve Franklin 4 Jan 2016 Reply

    I like it

  5. Jeff Goodland 4 Jan 2016 Reply


  6. Yanely Flores 4 Jan 2016 Reply


  7. אהבתי

  8. Kenneth Meyer 4 Jan 2016 Reply

    Would help to "follow" this page if the pictures were better identified. It seems you'r assuming everyone knows what each plane it.

  9. Johnathen Warner 5 Jan 2016 Reply

    WOW SEND THAT TOO MY HOUSE. Just kidding but it would be sweet to go cruiseing.

  10. William Prine 5 Jan 2016 Reply

    +Kenneth Meyer
    Read first comment.

  11. Yea that's really very nice piece of a plane and i bet it really takes off smooth too Rick give me feedback my email is Richard Sponseller@gmail.com

  12. giantnardman 5 Jan 2016 Reply

    +Kenneth Meyer Half the fun is researching the planes

  13. Brent Burzycki 5 Jan 2016 Reply

    +Kenneth Meyer​ this collection is more about figuring it out with all our aviation buffs here. I find the strangest and coolest things I can and then you guys can team up and try to figure it out.

    Many of these photos I have found have zero info with them so I am relying on everyone here to help figure it out also.

  14. Kenneth Meyer 5 Jan 2016 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki I see…makes sense then. Really great pictures…lots of history as well.

  15. Jose Hernandez 7 Jan 2016 Reply

    Nice toy its a beautie conf ats man .

  16. Jose Hernandez 7 Jan 2016 Reply

    You earned it

  17. Super cool

  18. Z Pettis 28 Feb 2016 Reply

    That can be a car in the future

  19. Wahyu Cahyono 19 Mar 2016 Reply

    Nama pesawatnya apa yach

  20. Wahyu Cahyono 19 Mar 2016 Reply

    Nama pesawatnya apa ya

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