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  1. Mike LeTourneau 2 Jan 2016 Reply

    I'd guess a captured Japanese aircraft of some sort being evaluated at wars end… Obviously in cahoots with messerschmidt judging by tail

  2. William Prine 2 Jan 2016 Reply

    Mitsubishi Ki-83 long-range heavy fighter. It resembles the Ki-46 "Dinah" reconnaissance aircraft. Tomio Kubo led in the design of both.

  3. Sambo Whitmire 2 Jan 2016 Reply

    Happy new years 2016 and Tammy and sambo cool lol

  4. Martha Esparza 2 Jan 2016 Reply

    Los tequileros de la sietra

  5. Cheryl Wilson 3 Jan 2016 Reply

    I like it

  6. David Cheng 3 Jan 2016 Reply


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