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  1. giantnardman 25 Dec 2015 Reply

    B-36 "Peacemaker". Pusherprops and jet engines.

  2. Gary Woz 25 Dec 2015 Reply

    Best plane ever

  3. William Prine 27 Dec 2015 Reply

    +Gary Woz Yes, a fine bomber that bridged an important gap and then quickly became obsolescent. Originally conceived to bomb Germany from the United States in case Britain was defeated. The props were driven by radial engines and the jets were used as needed, but were otherwise shut down.

  4. giantnardman 27 Dec 2015 Reply

    +William Prine I just realized something about this plane. It would require two separate fuel systems for it's engines.

  5. William Prine 27 Dec 2015 Reply

    That's probably right, but turbine engines can be configured to burn even avgas.

  6. giantnardman 27 Dec 2015 Reply

    +William Prine I didn't know that. A conversion would be a lot easier than two fuel system.

  7. William Prine 27 Dec 2015 Reply

    Would reduce the complexity and allow engines access to same fuel tanks. Avgas at the time was leaded and spark plug fouling was a factor. My searches found nothing conclusive for more than one fuel being used in the B-36D's for the General Electric J47-19 engines.

  8. giantnardman 27 Dec 2015 Reply

    +William Prine Same here. Nothing about any fuelling issues like two different fuel trucks or seperate tanks. Avgas is still leaded (at least in Canada)

  9. William Prine 27 Dec 2015 Reply

    +giantnardman Leaded overseas as well. That had me rooting for the jet-fueled diesel Cessna 182 JT-A, but that's been delayed or canceled.

  10. Sambo Whitmire 29 Dec 2015 Reply

    Whitmire sambo

  11. Sambo Whitmire 30 Dec 2015 Reply

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  12. Kurt Burgess 30 Dec 2015 Reply

    These 2 stationed out of Walker AFB, Roswell, NM. Jets were adapted to run on same fuel as pistons. No separate tanks. Now that's cool.

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