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  1. Bill Currie 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    Horten. Was this what Kenneth Arnold witnessed in 1947?

  2. Dei G ¿ 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    I got chills… That's a beauty!

  3. Greg Zurcher 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    Where is this at and when was it built?

  4. Danny Quizon 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    Jets arrived too late for Germany to win the war. Great planes though! 👍

  5. Matthew Sharp 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    Ahhh….the beginning of the B-2/Flying wing concept. Thank you Germany

  6. Hamdan Md Ali 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    I wonder what would happen if germany win the war..goosebump

  7. I love this plane! Bit bizarre, but it's still one of my favorites, right up there with the B-2 (which it may or may not have inspired) and the SR-71. It's the Horten Ho 229, built just before the end of WW2 and only as a prototype. Only three were ever built and at least one was rebuilt in the US; when it was tested by the military they found its shape, paint and laminating adhesive to offer some reduction in detection from British radar, about 37%, but that was about all – it wasn't as effective against any other conventional radar.
    Information courtesy Wikipedia.

  8. BJ Mcspadden 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    Awsomeis thing ever

  9. Kamal Tailor 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    It was built as part of a documentary. About the protype that was found in complete and in pieces after the war.

  10. Danny Quizon 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    +Hamdan Md Ali Germany was destined to lose the war. Their atom bomb project didn't go anywhere because they didn't trust their best scientists who happened to be Jews.

  11. Actually they didn't really even need the atom bomb project; the atom bombs would have been useless with the Messerschmidt in the air. They would've been shot down too fast.
    But yes, the Nazi regime was destined to fail – it would have suffered a rebellion at some point. Besides, no one can control the entire world like Hitler was trying to do – the ancient Romans found that out the hard way, and they only controlled the Mediterranean.

  12. Matthew Sharp 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    +Kezanza the Great This was absolutely the "inspiration" for the B-2. Captured/Taken/Found (however you wanna look at it) after the war and brought to the USA.

  13. Matthew Sharp 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    German engineering was on another level back then. Still is today. They just don't waste a bunch of money on their military like most countries do now. Their medical system is probably the best in the world. They're so innovative in medical/medicine now it's insane.

  14. Danny Quizon 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    +Matthew Sharp German beer is also very good! 🍺 👍

  15. Matthew Sharp 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    +Danny Quizon Everything German is good. They just know how to live over there. Lol

  16. +Kezanza the Great​​ Your absolutely right with the Horton 229… The photo we seen on this post of the Horton 229… It was a copy of the Horton 229, that was built by Northrop Grumman… To check if the design was really stealthy against World War 2 radar systems at the time. And to tell the truth… It was stealthy in certain flight patterns against the radar. So technically it was the first stealth fighter. Built by the Germans during the final stages of World War 2.

  17. thomas dobias 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    German Flying Wing

  18. Robert Benter 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    Video of this plane being built here –

  19. aqamal amar 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    This iss for war???

  20. Matthew Sharp 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    +aqamal amar Huh? This is from WW2

  21. aqamal amar 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    Really.hope we still in peace

  22. Avineesh Suppiah 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    I swear that's in Captain America??

  23. Usa stole nazi projects

  24. Danny Quizon 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    +Avineesh Suppiah​​ The aircraft that appeared in the first Captain America movie was a much larger version of the plane shown here. The larger version was one of at least two aircraft Hitler called the Amerikabomber. The other one looked more like a rocket than an airplane. Both were intended to deliver a nuclear payload to the continental United States.

    The Horten 229 shown above wasn't capable of reaching the U.S. from Europe and was more of a proof-of-concept platform.

  25. Andrzej Krupa 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    It-s a copy of German WWII Horten IX (Gotha 229), designed by Horten brothers in 1944-45. Original example is now stored at NASM warehouses, divided into parts. Original with its BMW jet engines flew very fast in the end of WWII.

  26. Beautiful.

  27. I believe this plane or a similar German design were built by Boeing employees on their own time.

  28. Robert Benter 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    +David Dennis-Leigh They were from northrop grumman

  29. Matthew Sharp 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    +Robert Benter I thought they just pieced it back together and painted it?? No??

  30. Robert Benter 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    +Matthew Sharp Nope. The original is in a warehouse outside of DC. This was a recreation. Video above.

  31. Matthew Sharp 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    +Robert Benter Oh, cool. I didn't even see you put that link up. Thank you my friend

  32. omg

  33. Not using those over Syria then. Is it real or a mock up or wishful thinking.

  34. +Danny Quizon​​​​ The Horton 229. Was not capable of reaching the United States. But the Horton brothers had a design to built a 6 jet power engine, transatlantic bomber. It was going to be called the Horton 129. This bomber was going to be powered by 6 jet turbo fan motors. It will have the same shape as the Horton 229, but much bigger. Hermann Goering order 100 of these transatlantic bombers to be built. But World War 2 ended before production could start. But one thing I did find out. Its maximum range was over 3800 miles. And top speed will be around 480 miles an hour. Its payload will be around 20,000 pounds.

  35. Rosalind Lewis 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    I like this pic

  36. It was supposed to be. It actually never made it into the war; it was only
    built as a prototype.

  37. +Kezanza the Great Yes… But if The Hortons could have build the 129 transatlantic bomber. It could have changed to war a great deal with United States. Even though the Germans did not develop the atomic bomb. It's been told they could have made a dirty-bomb(nuclear).

  38. George Xouxlias 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    So what?

  39. +Kezanza the Great​ They only built two prototypes of the Horton 229 fighter plane. 1 prototype crashed and its pilot was killed. And the other prototype was never finished and left behind in the hanger. It was not found until the US special engineers known as Project Paperclip found the aircraft.

  40. Dawson Simmons 6 Dec 2015 Reply


  41. Clara Hores 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    really cool

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  44. Stephanie Prado 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    +Rigoberto Garcia I dont know you STRANGER DANGER

  45. Brady Brooks 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    can it still fly? i would not think so it is at least 73 years old.

  46. George Xouxlias 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    As you can see is a very small airplane

  47. Michael Richards 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    +Rigoberto Garcia are you a retard? That's a pic of Taylor Swift… dude, seriously…

  48. Michael Richards 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    +aqamal amar no, they designed it for snuggling…


  50. +Brady Brooks​​ Photo you see is a rebuilt design of the Horton 229. It does not have any jet engines. It doesn't even have any landing gear. Northrop Grumman made this model to see if it was invisible and stealthy against World War 2 radar system. The original Horton 229 it's in the Smithsonian Institution in storage. It's disassembled in pieces. Northrop Grumman had permission from the Smithsonian to go in and take measurements of the plane that was disassembled so they can make a model copy of it. But once Northrop Grumman finish copying and then assembling the plane. It was then taken to Northrop Grumman radar system and setup for radar detection. And it was proven that it was stealthy when flying in certain flight positions. Towards the radar the British had in World War 2.

  51. David Cheng 7 Dec 2015 Reply


  52. tomasz b 7 Dec 2015 Reply

    How did you get a pic with a bomber jet dam son

  53. Gerardo Guzman 7 Dec 2015 Reply

    Did you make this yourself

  54. tomasz b 7 Dec 2015 Reply

    Me or him

  55. Gerardo Guzman 7 Dec 2015 Reply


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  58. Donta Allen 7 Dec 2015 Reply

    I would drive it because it looks fun

  59. Tim C 7 Dec 2015 Reply

    +Hamdan Md Ali read 'The Man in The High Castle' scary

  60. Tay'Juan Brown 7 Dec 2015 Reply


  61. Gerardo Guzman 7 Dec 2015 Reply

    I want to drive this also

  62. Tim C 8 Dec 2015 Reply

    It was a real plane not finished before the war ended

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  65. Khawla Samoor 8 Dec 2015 Reply


  66. Oscar Villanueva 8 Dec 2015 Reply

    Umm rico

  67. Cletus Smith 8 Dec 2015 Reply


  68. Ike Rouse 8 Dec 2015 Reply

    Oh hell yeah!! Those dang Germans were on to something back then..

  69. Aalivia T.Jones 9 Dec 2015 Reply

    that is big

  70. Aalivia T.Jones 9 Dec 2015 Reply

    thats cool

  71. Gerardo Guzman 9 Dec 2015 Reply

    Cool also

  72. james wisby 9 Dec 2015 Reply

    too bad its fake!

  73. julianie lopez 9 Dec 2015 Reply

    Make me one if you can please👩😘

  74. What is it going to be use for.

  75. Isaac Rouse 9 Dec 2015 Reply

    I believe i can fly! I reckon..

  76. Jayden Wilkins 9 Dec 2015 Reply

    Lol how do they do it

  77. Gerardo Guzman 9 Dec 2015 Reply

    I don't know

  78. Juan Carchi 10 Dec 2015 Reply

    Sale match

  79. Olav de With 10 Dec 2015 Reply

    +пират пиратов Well Russia was also very interested into German tech and scientist

    A list of aircraft that have found their way to Russia ……..and where evaluated and tested.
    Fw -190
    Me 163
    And before the war the even get from Germany aircraft to evaluate them
    Because of The Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact.
    Here a nice book about that …….

  80. +Olav de With well. We are discussing this picture. Molotov-ribbenrtop pact was latest agreement in Europe with nazi. Before pact molotov-ribbentrop was Munich Agreement 1938 year. Anglo-saxons started as nazi allies and after was molotov-ribbentrop agreement. Nazi work for usa moon program.

  81. Olav de With 10 Dec 2015 Reply

    +пират пиратов
    But has it not always have been the case that contra and espionage is "normal"….
    You comment made the suggestion that only the USA has stolen or borrowed it from Germany.
    I think Russia itself was also very interested in acquiring it ……….:-))
    Greetings from the Anglo Saxon part of the world :-))


  82. +Olav de With in your reference I read "without us help soviet collapse 1,5 year…" . Omg this is bullsh@t because Anglo-saxons opened second front vs nazi after soviet win in Stalingrad and near Kursk. Near Kursk was destroyed main and best part of nazi tanks. All from western media lie. Soviet used little part from nazi technology. Nazi afraided of soviet and all ran to Anglo-saxons.

  83. Olav de With 10 Dec 2015 Reply

    +пират пиратов
    It was you that stated USA had stolen Nazi tech ……….
    I came up with a wider perspectieve one that , call it a little open debate welcome to the free open minded world son
    But you are got stuck into fear and anger towards the west …..pity
    Because my Russian friend's aren't that way .

  84. +Olav de With maybe you are rigth. I don't like gays, usa, nazi, people wich eat human hearts (and wich usa helps in Syria). And I take into account that usa had bad past: mass killed American Indians, negros slaves, used atom bombs vs civilian, lie about weapons for mass killing fron Iraq and other. Can normal man trust usa?

  85. Olav de With 11 Dec 2015 Reply

    +пират пиратов each nation has it own dark pages ……..
    About trust have a look into east /european history …..relation between nations kingdoms and empires,
    It's a boiling soup each time somebody else took the spoon ……
    So we could stated that it 's a complex thing , each nation has given it's own interpretation to that .

  86. +Olav de With but not all from nations try teach other nations. Usa try teach every countries how they must live, try teach "what is democracy?". Obama told " American exceptionalism".

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  88. Brenda Jones 23 Dec 2015 Reply

    Kingstown theatre

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