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  1. Bob Gibson 30 Nov 2015 Reply

    Love it nice start wars paint

  2. Andrew Sauls 30 Nov 2015 Reply

    Seen this color scheme few times now, r2d2 wonderful idea

  3. Paul Moody 30 Nov 2015 Reply

    Saw that fly out of San Jose yesterday day. Nice shots

  4. Andrew Sauls 30 Nov 2015 Reply

    Indeed, that would be a Livery worth spotting for!

  5. Kamal Tailor 30 Nov 2015 Reply

    The amount of flex in the 787s wings can be a little disconcerting.

  6. seide wolsabo 30 Nov 2015 Reply

    Looks illegal to me,I get head ach for nothing?

  7. Eleana Campoverde 30 Nov 2015 Reply

    Good morning Friend.. Beatiful post dear. Thanks 🌷 🌿

  8. David Cheng 30 Nov 2015 Reply


  9. Usa is empire of evil

  10. Kamal Tailor 30 Nov 2015 Reply

    And Putin is an Angel descended.

  11. And Guantanamo is resident evil. And God will destroy usa wich is home of satana

  12. Andrew Sauls 30 Nov 2015 Reply

    +Kamal Tailor .. That flexing is actually normal .. For instance, on takeoff when aircrafts airspeed reaches a certain point depending on certain conditions – like altitude of runway (atmosphere pressure), ambient air temperature (density of atmosphere), weights of passenger/crew/cargo/fuel – which will determine V1 (commit speed) if good keep going, V2 (rotation speed) if good apply pull back pressure on yoke/sidestick, V3 ( positive lift) if good lift off.

    Now flex occurs when the weight of the aircraft is transferred to the wings because of the lift pushing up on the wing is greater than the weight pushing down on the wheels .. And the wings flex up. On landing the opposite occurs when the aircraft has slowed sufficiently whereas the weight support by the wings is transferred to the wheels. Hope this helps.

    Thanks for letting me participate 😎

  13. Kamal Tailor 30 Nov 2015 Reply

    I knew it had something to do with air pressure in the wings. But thanks for your detailed explanation +Andrew Sauls​.

  14. Kamal Tailor 30 Nov 2015 Reply

    +пират пиратов you're a weirdo.

  15. +Kamal Tailor you are pig

  16. Kamal Tailor 30 Nov 2015 Reply

    Oink oink.

  17. F.u f.u

  18. Kamal Tailor 30 Nov 2015 Reply

    Where do you find these people +Brent Burzycki​?

  19. Killian MacAislin 30 Nov 2015 Reply

    +пират пиратов Once again it's time to play "Correct the Confused Foreigner."

    You do realize that it was SOVIET UNION and KRUSCHIEV who blinked in the 1960s when the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA told them to pull the nukes out of Cuba? You are aware that it was the United States that – for the most part – led the way in space exploration – including the first moon landing in 1969?

    And it's been America that has bailed out the USSR/Russia with food, medical care and, most importantly, MONEY decade after decade?

    It has been the Great Satan RUSSIA (especially STALIN) that has MURDERED MILLIONS of its own citizens by sending them to the gulags in Siberia (usually as political prisoners, though the Soviet Union didn't really need a reason to imprison anybody and usually didn't have or give one) while its leaders enjoyed the good life.

    Russians have fled to the UNITED STATES for freedom; AMERICANS haven't run to RUSSIA for communism. By the way, how did that communism/socialist thing work out for you guys? Oh, that's right: IT DIDN'T! Hell, even Putin admitted to that!

    America isn't perfect and the asshat in the White House has done everything in his power to destroy this country from within (the ONLY campaign promise he has kept). However, the United States of America still belongs to We the People and We the People will never retreat and we will never surrender. We would rather die on our feet fighting as free people than live on our knees as slaves. As long as there are people willing to fight for freedom, America will never fall.

    So do the rest of us a favor and suck on the business end of a howitzer.

  20. Killian MacAislin 30 Nov 2015 Reply

    +пират пиратов Show some respect and STFU.

  21. +Killian MacAislin in 1960 usa put atom rockets on bases in turkey and because this Kruschief put russian atom rockets on Cuba. Usa flew to moon in holywood movie – it know all world today. Today usa can't fly to space. Usa rent russian space ships and buy russian rocket engine. Usa killed millions indians and made millions negros slaves so Stalin is children shit. Usa made atom bombs and used this vs civilian. Usa food is bullshit, especially McDonald's. Usa freedom is fairy tale. Today usa prisons have more convicts than any country in world, more than stalins camps. In camps like guantanamo usa torment people like nazi. NSA watch people like nazi. Omg…usa is shit. You are brainwashed.

  22. Reo Cruz 30 Nov 2015 Reply

    Glad to see that Special Paint Livery Aircraft are still a thing.

  23. Killian MacAislin 30 Nov 2015 Reply

    +пират пиратов No, but YOU are. Bwahaha! Loser!

  24. Killian MacAislin 30 Nov 2015 Reply

    +пират пиратов BTW, I know more about Russian history than you know of American history. I'm half Comanche, so don't even TRY to tell me about the history of my Native peoples.

    There have NEVER been over a million slaves in America. Wrong again, bucko.

    The reason Turkey had American rockets was to counteract Russia's continuing overreach, one it started in April of 1945 with the fall of Berlin. The Ruskies started gobbling up places like Poland, Hungary, Romania, and other so-called "Eastern Bloc" nations. Turkey didn't want to join. Moscow got nasty and the only country big enough to stand up to Russia was the United States.

    Even with the fag in chief sitting in Washington, you still have to worry about the American people. It was the American people who wiped out the British – TWICE.

    We Americans can do anything we want to. Incidentally, you might want to say thank you to us for inventing the Internet.

    The food you claim is "bullshit"? Try wheat, corn, and rice, ass hole. The United States doesn't export fast food.

    So go back to jacking off to porno in your mommy's basement. 😝

  25. +Killian MacAislin Half comanche? Bugaga! So your ancestors was destroyed Anglo-saxons and now the rest of them live in Indian reservation, have no native ground. You are brainwashed halfcomanche. You don't know about Russian history anything. Russia was 1000 years old then usa was find. Usa saved nazi after ww2. Nazi worked for american moon programme. usa put rockets in turkey and ussr answer by rockets on Cuba. So Usa is first agressor in world. Learn hystory halfcomchi. Thank Anglo-saxons for internet. I will use it for study Anglo-saxons, because soon mother Russia will call her sons in battle for save world vs Anglo-saxon contagion which is danger for world. Anglo-saxons will fall. Mother Russia will winer and worldsaver as always vs napoleon, hitler. You are brainwashed halfcomanchi-halfgay, go see gay porno in basement your parents-gay-partners.

  26. Brodie Becker 2 Dec 2015 Reply


  27. +Brodie Becker​ Ha ha ha! I do believe you're right! 👍😃 Somebody haul this vodka-soaked Russian boy off to the gulags for some much needed "rest." Bwahaha!

  28. +пират пиратов​ Sweetcheeks, my people are still known as the Lords of the Plains. We took palefaces like you, scalped you, tied you upside down over a nest of rattlesnakes, burned the end of the rope, and watched as you screamed in terror at your eventual fate.

    No, pendejo, Ruskies continued the slaughter of people like Jews and homosexuals. Meanwhile, America took down Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.

    No, America isn't perfect but again, people aren't flocking to Russia. Now go away and pester somebody else. You're boring the intelligent people on this post.

  29. +Killian MacAislin tell me halfcamonchi, where is weapons for mass killing from irag? Why hundreds thousand iraq people died and die? They die every day. Usa is country-satana.

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