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  1. Darth Minty 29 Nov 2015 Reply


  2. Gary Flynn 29 Nov 2015 Reply

    Back up prop wash.?

  3. Mike LeTourneau 29 Nov 2015 Reply

    There are more things in the heavens and earth of aviation than you have dreamed of in your philosophy… If you can dream it up, someone probably already tried it😂

  4. Gary Flynn 29 Nov 2015 Reply

    The mystery was too much….

    The XF-84H was created by modifying a F-84Fairframe, installing a 5,850 hp (4,360 kW)Allison XT40-A-1 turboprop engine[7] in a centrally-located housing behind the cockpit with a long extension shaft to the nose-mounted propeller.[8] The turbine engine also provided thrust through its exhaust; an afterburner which could further increase power to 7,230 hp (5,390 kW), was installed but never used.[9] Thrust was adjusted by changing the blade pitch of the 12 ft (3.7 m)-diameter Aeroproducts propeller, consisting of three steel, square-tipped blades turning at a constant speed, with the tips traveling at approximately Mach 1.18 (1,446 km/h). To counter the propeller's torque and "P-factor", the XF-84H was fitted with a fixed dorsal yaw vane.[10] The tail was changed to a T-tail to avoid turbulent airflow flow over the horizontal stabilizer/elevator surfaces from propeller wash.[11] …from Wikipedia.

  5. Nathan Zhang 29 Nov 2015 Reply

    +Mike LeTourneau nobody's successfully built a space elevator yet. So… would you like to be the first?

    Oops, I'm already working on building a prototype… for deployment by as soon as I make up my mind. Mine doesn't nearly get to orbit, but as far as proving theories go, it's a first. I can't divulge too much.

  6. Gary Flynn 29 Nov 2015 Reply

    +Nathan Zhang you just don't know about my nano replastizing molecular space transporting ruby-argon tractor beam.

  7. David Cheng 29 Nov 2015 Reply


  8. Innocently cute..

  9. shayne lewis 29 Nov 2015 Reply

    What ever. Why not take some magnetized isotopic particles and see if we can make a star ship which not only pull & guide itself along this. New magnetic form of plasmatic light beam carrier waves. Nothing's impossible these days. Well yeah there's one thing but I'll save it for a later conversation.

  10. Amber Money 29 Nov 2015 Reply


  11. Dan Petre 29 Nov 2015 Reply

    +Nathan Zhang it took countless attempts to reach the refinement of airplanes we have today. it will take a lot of ideas before we will be having that space elevator. I do not laugh at the enormity of failures, i respect the daring of designers. "It is not the critic who counts …"

  12. Angel Castillo 29 Nov 2015 Reply


  13. Angela Brown 29 Nov 2015 Reply

    Only doing your job keep the good work up

  14. Nathan Zhang 29 Nov 2015 Reply

    +Dan Petre​ thank you. I'll take that as a compliment. And for the record, I'm ready to fail on the space elevator project as many times as necessary… until I succeed. I'm an entrepreneur. I don't fear failure – it's part of my job description.

    My current design is merely an untested prototype.

  15. Angela Brown 29 Nov 2015 Reply

    Yea I am aware of all that

  16. Louis Brown 30 Nov 2015 Reply

    That's so cool

  17. Amber Money 30 Nov 2015 Reply

    Get a grip its bad ass

  18. Dianne Spicer 2 Dec 2015 Reply

    Magnificent i love you tiful playing this is one fabulous thank you for taking the time to share have a blessed day

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