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  1. David Cheng 22 Nov 2015 Reply


  2. Monty Sharp 22 Nov 2015 Reply

    Tsr2 , the plane that never was!

  3. Avineesh Suppiah 22 Nov 2015 Reply

    +Monty Sharp Could of been so good, instead the RAF went for the Pig instead😢

  4. Stuart Ponder 22 Nov 2015 Reply

    Appropriately, I +1ed this image while flying, but on a significantly bigger plane.

  5. TSR2… shelved… was such an advanced aircraft at the time … still is today

  6. Monty Sharp 23 Nov 2015 Reply

    There was talk recently that Canada were going to build it!

  7. Maricela Andrade 23 Nov 2015 Reply


  8. Hamdan Md Ali 23 Nov 2015 Reply

    Victim of political blunder..what a shame

  9. Edward Tena 23 Nov 2015 Reply


  10. Abukar Imani 23 Nov 2015 Reply

    Can anyone please subscribe to Justin The Asian

  11. Abukar Imani 23 Nov 2015 Reply

    On you tube

  12. Thaire Stansfield 23 Nov 2015 Reply

    My aunt designed the engine in that jet

  13. …Fantastic aircraft, years ahead of it's time, killed off because enough palms were greased to buy American…but by the time all the problems with the American jet was sorted out, it cost us more than completing this one…and in a very odd move, after the project was cancelled they ordered all the aircraft destroyed and even the tooling and moulds…

  14. Avro canada or arrow

  15. Gabriel Gonzalez 26 Dec 2015 Reply

    +Harry Charalambous​ stoped

  16. Gabriel Gonzalez 26 Dec 2015 Reply

    Mybe it a you are stpud

  17. Dare Guy33 25 Jul 2016 Reply

    +abukar imani NO ONE IS GOING TO SUBSCRIBE TO JUSTIN, u will get reported for that dear

  18. abukar imani 26 Jul 2016 Reply

    y u mad like did someone hurt your feelings

  19. Dare Guy33 27 Jul 2016 Reply

    +abukar imani nope abukar, I'm so fine.. then I saw ur spam and that is very disgusting

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