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  1. Bloody charter flights

  2. Bill Currie 31 Oct 2015 Reply

    Your tax dollars at work…

  3. George Benson 31 Oct 2015 Reply

    Maybe one of those jets saved someone's life that you or your family knew…

  4. Maria Alfano 31 Oct 2015 Reply


  5. cliff higson 31 Oct 2015 Reply

    Never trust a valet after a few beers too many!!!!

  6. George,,i dont think people mostly think about have being saved familiemembers when you think about the role of an Jetfighter,just a respectfully remark….

  7. Eric Poe 31 Oct 2015 Reply

    Pennsylvania Air National Guard. The 111th Fighter Wing employed the F84 Thunderjet. We have a couple of these in our graveyard at work.

  8. Michael Richards 31 Oct 2015 Reply

    do Want only 1 of those…

  9. Stack'em up like cord wood.

  10. michel prins 1 Nov 2015 Reply

    some dutch comedian (freek de jonge) once said they should just put the un soldiers auround the military factories instead of sending them all over the world. makes you think right?

  11. Yang Yang 14 Nov 2015 Reply

    cheerleader planes ! LOL

  12. Lees Friends 20 Jan 2016 Reply


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