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  1. Elizabeth Hahn 24 Oct 2015 Reply

    That is different.

  2. Chris Hansen 24 Oct 2015 Reply

    What a cool looking aircraft!

  3. vladislav Ivanov 24 Oct 2015 Reply

    Um, are those things actually real?

  4. I saw this film in 90's…"Slipstream"(1989).

  5. Troy McGlynn 24 Oct 2015 Reply

    The edgely oa7 optica! !!
    They are looking at going back into production too

  6. Zahid Khan 24 Oct 2015 Reply


  7. Eleana Campoverde 24 Oct 2015 Reply

    È diverso a gli altri. Thank my dear friend 🌹

  8. David Baj 24 Oct 2015 Reply

    Looks weird for sure.

  9. Ernest W 24 Oct 2015 Reply

    Ponders if the ducted fan with engine behind makes it more quiet in operation than normal airframes.
    And that crazy helicopter like full bubble cockpit. Talk about visibility.

  10. Silvio Tonello 24 Oct 2015 Reply

    Ciao da silvio scrivo da venezia italia volevo sapere che tipo di aerei sono ciao

  11. This looks like a fun ride! I wanna fly it!

  12. C बर्ड 24 Oct 2015 Reply


  13. Ray Powell 24 Oct 2015 Reply

    It was sent to act as an observer aircraft , fly slow like an helicopter but no virtical take off or landing capabilities, it was sent to have lower running costs and was tested by the police , I can't remember what happened to the company, I hope this helps

  14. Ray Powell 24 Oct 2015 Reply

    Try looking in Google Optica Plane this should give you the full history of this aircraft and not my foggy memories I hope this also helps !!!

  15. Robert Benter 24 Oct 2015 Reply

    Edgley EA-7 Optica

  16. Pete Joyce 24 Oct 2015 Reply

    They kinda look like insects.

  17. Joey Dandan 26 Oct 2015 Reply

    looks like "Manned drones".

  18. Mervyn Taylor 26 Oct 2015 Reply

    The police in Southern England were using one when it crashed in Ringwood, I think that signalled the end of the company. There is one sat at Hentridge Airfield in Somerset but don't know if it is airworthy.

  19. harshith rao 30 Oct 2015 Reply


  20. Warren Prescott 3 Jan 2016 Reply

    It looks like the plane from Oblivion

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