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  1. Ananda Sim 11 Oct 2015 Reply

    P38. I'm guessing that's a radar pod below the nose?

  2. David Cheng 11 Oct 2015 Reply


  3. Francois H. 11 Oct 2015 Reply

    "Le diable à deux queues" +Ananda Sim maybe else recognition pics

  4. John Rambo 11 Oct 2015 Reply

    The first flying P-38 I saw was at Reno Air races in the 80's. Lefty Gardiner was the pilot. The plane was White with red stripping. It's a very large plane for its capabilities. Unique Sound as well.

  5. Luis Hernandez 11 Oct 2015 Reply

    My favorite war plane!

  6. Mike LeTourneau 11 Oct 2015 Reply

    Kelly Johnson designed this on the back of a napkin at lunch! The Constellation has the same wing scaled up. Lotsa' interesting stories around this one!

  7. Robert Benter 11 Oct 2015 Reply

    1942 the arcade game, anyone?

  8. Robert Benter 11 Oct 2015 Reply

    P-38M night figher

  9. Bob Gibson 11 Oct 2015 Reply

    Yea I remember that arcade game 1942 Robert Benter

  10. Robert McSpadden 11 Oct 2015 Reply

    Loud and PROUD!!

  11. John Rambo 11 Oct 2015 Reply

    +Robert McSpadden Yeah dude no doubt that plane is loud. At Reno Air races the P-51's,Sea-Furry's, Bear Cats would Rumble/Roar past you. But that P-38 had a unique loud sound to it.

  12. William Waggener 11 Oct 2015 Reply


  13. thomas dobias 11 Oct 2015 Reply

    P51 – Lighting

  14. Dick Trump 12 Oct 2015 Reply

    +thomas dobias
    P38…P51 is the Mustang

  15. Sue Hyde 13 Oct 2015 Reply

    Anyone got a photo of our Vulcan bomber that is being grounded in the UK in a matter of days. A real iconic plane loved by many in this country. Has a particular 'bark' when flying.

  16. +Sue Hyde …closest I could find…don't have any of my own…

  17. Dick Trump 14 Oct 2015 Reply

    +Mike LeTourneau
    Kelly Johnson is a true aircraft design genius, but so is the rest of the Skunk Works crew.

  18. Alberto Maya 14 Nov 2015 Reply

    Es un avion de combate americano de la segunda guerra mundial que combatio contra los alemanes y japoneses en sus teatros de operaciones.

  19. Pauli Matikainen 1 Feb 2016 Reply

    AKA Lockhead Lightning

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