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  1. Timothy Baskett 9 Oct 2015 Reply

    Is that an RC-135, or an EC-135?

  2. Co jest, jaki to samolot, nazwa ciekaw jestem

  3. TheNj400 9 Oct 2015 Reply

    Check out all those systems under the nose, I expect this thing is full of computers.

  4. Nie znam się tak dokładnie, ale myślę że to może tak być

  5. Vismay Soni 9 Oct 2015 Reply

    My hats of to welcome this new legend

  6. David Cheng 9 Oct 2015 Reply


  7. Ernest W 9 Oct 2015 Reply

    I'm calling this the Flying Squirrel.
    Look at those puffy cheeks.

  8. thomas dobias 9 Oct 2015 Reply

    Snoopy With Wings

  9. Stephon Baldwin 9 Oct 2015 Reply

    RC-135U Combat Sent

  10. michel prins 11 Oct 2015 Reply

    whats that under the nose? front radar? or ecm apparatus?

  11. Stephon Baldwin 11 Oct 2015 Reply

    For powerful sensing equipment, this aircraft does it all at once ( Combat Sent data is collected to develop new or upgraded radar warning receivers, radar jammers, decoys,anti-radiation missiles, and training simulators.) and much, much, more. Because of the secrecy of the aircraft little is known about it but it's "flight crew & engineers that manage it"

  12. Stephon Baldwin 11 Oct 2015 Reply

    But if you go to an international airshow you may get a rare opportunity to see the aircraft and interview the crew. I have once in England but they have another variant (RC-135W Rivet Joint). Be mindful they are sensitive about some equipment on the aircraft so try not to ask something they want tell u😆👌

  13. gholamreza karimi 12 Oct 2015 Reply

    یک رادار پرنده

  14. George Embrey 11 Apr 2016 Reply

    This is an RC-135U. one of two models built.

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