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  1. Mike LeTourneau 5 Oct 2015 Reply


  2. John Rambo 5 Oct 2015 Reply

    Sweet!! I mentioned this model a few weeks ago. Don't think it saw much action in combat. Can you imagine if somebody still had one of these and it was flyable.

  3. Shadow Rider 5 Oct 2015 Reply

    F/P 82 Twin Mustang

  4. Timothy Baskett 5 Oct 2015 Reply

    +John Rambo​ I was surprised the other day when I took my son up to the airport to see the airplanes up there. We found an air worthy contemporary of the F-82 Twin Mustang. A Grumman F7F-3 Tigercat. A very pleasant surprise to say the least.

  5. John Rambo 5 Oct 2015 Reply

    +Timothy Baskett Dude no way!!?? Man I would love to see that beauty! Long story– Growing up my Dad was a crop duster. During the early mid 80's it was big business. Well he did so well he joined a club in Hollister Ca. That rented Warbirds. So he rented an At-6 then a P-51. I may have told this story already so if I have I apologize. So me being 7yrs old I fell in Love with the Mustang. Well fell in love with all warbirds. Crop dusting business went south in the late 80's so my dad flew C-130's after that for Southern Air Transport. But no more renting warbirds, to expensive. I doubt renting warbirds is possible anymore.

  6. Jugs 5 Oct 2015 Reply

    Twin mustang

  7. Edward Hall 5 Oct 2015 Reply

    Wierd, but, wonderful …

  8. TheNj400 5 Oct 2015 Reply

    AMERICA FUCK YEAH!!!! Hey Billy bob, let's bolt two mustangs together, FUCK YEAH!!!

  9. Timothy Baskett 5 Oct 2015 Reply

    +TheNj400 It was originally designed as an escort fighter for B-29 headed for Japan during WWII. In Korea they were used as a night fighter, and ground attack platform.

  10. David Cheng 5 Oct 2015 Reply


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