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  1. John Rambo 1 Oct 2015 Reply

    What the hell? Well that explains all the "UFO" sightings over the years. Wait, is thing real and actually able to fly? Bamboozled

  2. Daniel Kuciel 1 Oct 2015 Reply

    Yes… them, were dreams.

  3. Dev Joshi 1 Oct 2015 Reply


  4. Shit!!😨 so that's must be the fool that took my cow?🐄

  5. Jason ON 1 Oct 2015 Reply

    Enterprise Mark I?

  6. Maria Alfano 1 Oct 2015 Reply

    Che bella foto mi piace anche se non capisco cosa sia!!!

  7. Darth Minty 1 Oct 2015 Reply

    And thus begins the voyages of the starship Enterprise, to boldly confuse the Internet & go where no fanboy has gone before….

  8. And once again photoshop somehow manages to fool people

  9. Ed Greshko 1 Oct 2015 Reply

    Why did someone replace a real NASA vehicle with a fake one? This is the original http://www.dfrc.nasa.gov/Gallery/Photo/HL-10/Small/EC69-2346.jpg

  10. Bobby Hayden 1 Oct 2015 Reply


  11. Bill Zinck 1 Oct 2015 Reply

    Way to go +Ed Greshko spoil the fun 🙂

  12. TheNj400 1 Oct 2015 Reply

    Now I know who "probed" me!!! USAF I'm gonna sue your ass!!!!

  13. Joseph Murray 1 Oct 2015 Reply

    Did the pilot have to avoid sneezing to keep that thing from spinning out of control? Before fly by wire.

  14. reza azarpira 1 Oct 2015 Reply


  15. Derek Turanzas 1 Oct 2015 Reply

    Cool ship

  16. Looks like star trek ship

  17. thomas dobias 1 Oct 2015 Reply

    it is Star Trek Ship


  19. Modern art.

  20. An aircraft or UFO?

  21. อะไรนิ

  22. Derek Turanzas 2 Oct 2015 Reply

    Aircrafts ufo ship

  23. زمانی امریکا توانست چندین ufo سقوط کرده پیدا کند سعی کرد که چیزی همانند ان بسازند که نمونش همین هواپیماس که سرری بود

  24. Greg Guffey 5 Oct 2015 Reply

    Wow nice shot

  25. Sakura Samurai 6 Oct 2015 Reply

    +Ed Greshko Nailed it. +Brent Burzycki you post some neat pics but you had to know this thing could not fly. Perhaps part of the McDill AFB urban discs myth ensemble. Not counting the "flying pancake," about the best earth built saucers have been able to do is a few feet up but in ground effect. Use a bit of imagination. How could the pilot or large grey perhaps see downwards to land this thin? Oh, a window in the deck. Nah. Photoshop. +Jason ON They even misspelled Hughes in that so-called ion post. Rule 1. Just because it is on the internet does not make it true. These things usually show up on pages that also feature cheerleader wardrobe malfunctions.

  26. Jason ON 6 Oct 2015 Reply

    +Sakura Samurai, my point was to prove Ed's photo wasn't the "real" one.


    The USAForce did, in fact, try to create a circular "saucer" shaped aircraft at one point.

  27. Sakura Samurai 6 Oct 2015 Reply

    +Jason ON Right, I am posting both pictures under Aviation Humor in The Aviation Community. Thanks for the original picture lead.

  28. Finalmente qualcosa di nuovo speriamo che nasce qualcosa di buono

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