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  1. Timothy Baskett 4 Sep 2015 Reply

    Sweet an early B-36

  2. Brent Burzycki 4 Sep 2015 Reply

    Apparently the tails fell off so they had to attach them with string..

  3. One is at the Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio.

  4. Timothy Baskett 4 Sep 2015 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki​ That's their idea of a radio antenna.

  5. Ubbe Fr 4 Sep 2015 Reply

    Bare metal is hard to get to look good in flight sims.

  6. Brent Burzycki 4 Sep 2015 Reply

    +Timothy Baskett​ just joking around…..

  7. Timothy Baskett 4 Sep 2015 Reply

    Thought so.

  8. John Rambo 4 Sep 2015 Reply

    Looks like a B-29 on steroids or a Hybrid B-29. I know it's not but it looks like it.

  9. Timothy Baskett 4 Sep 2015 Reply

    I was just reading the history of the B-36. Very interesting.

  10. Ted MacDonald 4 Sep 2015 Reply

    The B-36 Peacemaker .

  11. David Cheng 4 Sep 2015 Reply


  12. thomas dobias 4 Sep 2015 Reply

    US Air Forcer Bomber

  13. Gary Woz 4 Sep 2015 Reply

    That's the (bomb) er

  14. Jurgen Coucke 4 Sep 2015 Reply

    wow !

  15. Edward Wittmann 5 Sep 2015 Reply

    Looks like a B36 Peace maker

  16. Thomas Myers 6 Sep 2015 Reply

    All the pics of B-36 I've seen have jets in the end of the wings…

  17. Timothy Baskett 6 Sep 2015 Reply

    +Thomas Myers This was either a prototype or an early production model before they fitted them with the jet engines.

  18. michel prins 6 Sep 2015 Reply

    otherwise it couldnt take off 😛

  19. Kurt Burgess 13 Nov 2015 Reply

    The B-36 was actually overpowered. Old B-29 pilots could not believe the neck snap when the locked brakes were released on a B-36. The 4 jets were added starting in 1949. The SIM image is a B model, the first series with armament. Some were painted red for arctic training flights. Easier to spot if they went down in snow.

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