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  1. Gary Woz 15 Feb 2016 Reply

    What gives

  2. Eugene Evans 15 Feb 2016 Reply

    Awesome Hughes MD 500 helicopter. I love it .

  3. Eleana Campoverde 15 Feb 2016 Reply

    Diverso ma bello. Grazie.🙋 amico Brent 🌹

  4. Hammer Down 16 Feb 2016 Reply

    What type of Boeing equipment is the Hughes Helicopter carring ? That's what I want to know !

  5. ANTHONY MANN 16 Feb 2016 Reply


  6. Donn Jones 16 Feb 2016 Reply

    Got to love the flying egg

  7. Eugene Evans 16 Feb 2016 Reply

    Hey hammer the MD 500 engine
    Is the Rolls Royse twin engine.
    So it can climb faster and dive
    Faster during an attack or during training exercise. I flew them in
    The Navy as training helios.

  8. Hammer Down 16 Feb 2016 Reply

    Thank you Brent , I don't remember them looking like that in the 70's My father use to put in the front seat with him as he tested the equipment my pops work for Hughes and was in the service during Vietnam.

  9. Hammer Down 16 Feb 2016 Reply

    I'm speaking of the twin engines , just can't picture them . I recognize the Body of the Helios.

  10. euiyoung kim 16 Feb 2016 Reply

    I miss you.

  11. digranni 16 Feb 2016 Reply

    Bags on vacancy!

  12. 16-bit Airwolf?

  13. Gervase Soctor 17 Feb 2016 Reply

    It seems that the mosquito is overliaded on both sides.

  14. Zach H 18 Feb 2016 Reply


  15. Brooke Day 20 Feb 2016 Reply

    What kind of plane

  16. YFS RENOS 24 Apr 2016 Reply

    Its a Grasshopper,same as in Magnum PI,

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