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How 500px inspired me to push my envelope..
Before 500px I was a studio shooter and rarely cared to venture out and take photos of anything else really. 500px forced me to re-evaluate the way I shoot and my subject matter. The photos inspired me to push outside of what I was comfortable with and experiment with the world of landscape and aviation photography.

Many think photography is easy, most do not understand the story behind the photos and in most cases the photographers never share …

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  1. Dei Granato 2 Nov 2014 Reply

    Your photos do tell a beautiful story…
    Sorry to hear about being in pain… I can relate somewhat, I understand daily things become more difficult. Seeing the passion you have for photography is inspiring & is certainly paying off through your photos… 😆

  2. Brent Burzycki 2 Nov 2014 Reply

    Life if full of balance…. Sadly balancing good with bad can be very difficult….

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