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  1. Indeed!

  2. Nick Tsiotinos 3 Mar 2014 Reply

    Yep – it's a bit like taking the space shuttle to buy milk at the corner store!

  3. Gerald Simpson 3 Mar 2014 Reply

    Easy, space travel.

  4. Shawn Finley 3 Mar 2014 Reply

    Yes, what n how far tecnology has come!

  5. i didn't get the idea 🙂

  6. Alfie Goodrich 3 Mar 2014 Reply

    I prefer to think about it like this: I can use this device in my pocket to access all the information known to mankind AND look a pictures of cats etc etc…..

  7. ec lundburgh 3 Mar 2014 Reply

    …think many folks from the 50's would judge accessing online cat videos and arguments with strangers as an IMPROVEMENT to the post-war culture of heavily self-medicating with alcohol and/or heading the local bar in hopes of beating the poop out of someone… anyone :>)

    we've come a long way, baby.

  8. Linda Stephens 3 Mar 2014 Reply

    They would be in shock about the American people put obummer in the white house.

  9. Magaly Suárez 3 Mar 2014 Reply


  10. Joshua Briefman 5 Mar 2014 Reply

    LOL too true

  11. Mohamed Arif 10 Mar 2014 Reply


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