LEFT LANE IS FOR PASSING ONLY! Well if you are driving slower than the flow of traffic

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  1. Elizabeth Hahn 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    There needs to be the corresponding "must pass if tailgating" law too. One of the odd things I learned in Wisconsin is that they use the oncoming traffic lane as a left turn lane. If no one is coming, of course.

  2. Brent Burzycki 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    We should also have a common sense law but that will never happen… because most people have zero…

  3. Josh Caine 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    The left lane is my lane folks, I claimed it…
    Stay out of it please if at all possible.

  4. Irreverent Monk 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    There is a center lane in major roads in North Korea that is exclusively reserved for the president 🙂

  5. Brent Burzycki 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    Really… What happens if you use it +fan tai instant death?

  6. Irreverent Monk 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    No idea. Read it in an article somewhere. Hopefully it's not a made up story 🙂

  7. Olav Folland 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    Truth: on my commute home, the #2 and sometimes #3 lanes are moving faster than the #1 lane. My speed depends on how the 62MPH crowd is spaced 😛

  8. Brent Burzycki 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    I think this issue needs a ground swell of support to remove non common sense drivers from the road..

  9. Olav Folland 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    That, or let me have a plasma cannon.

  10. Irreverent Monk 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    +Olav Folland d

    Cars Wars?

  11. Brent Burzycki 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    Mmmmmmmmm plasma canon…

  12. Olav Folland 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    Ya rly. It'd have to be powerful enough to obliterate anything in front of me though, so I and the people behind me didn't have to drive through the debris field. A set of foam-core tires would go a long way there on the other hand…

  13. Brent Burzycki 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    You should pick up a book series called starigger…. Its about a space trucker on the space Highway system… The system they have to clear obstructions is quite effective…

  14. Brent Burzycki 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    Man I miss Marvin the Martian..

  15. Olav Folland 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an Earth-shattering kaboom!

  16. Elizabeth Hahn 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    😀 I love Marvin

  17. George Greene 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    The major problem I have with it is we do not have the rules of the Autobahn in the US. The posted speed limit is just that and right or left lanes you can't go pass that speed limit and passing it's reason to travel faster than posted.
    CHiP see too many people doing 80 MPH in area where 65 is posted 70 people try to do 90 or better.
    The problem i see is Speeding isn't good is you are not trained right to handle it.. . Just because you car can do 100MPH does not mean you can drive at it.
    Some care are made for speed but you are not. I seen people driving thinking they can make moves like some racing pro and get them self killed and take other with them. I been shot at by some Racer X type punk that thinks that he need and had the right to drive 100MPH plus up my cars tail pipe.. This is the US not the Autobahn. That was built to to speed on but even it has rules that people get trained on and are tested to make sure they know how drive the Autobahn.

  18. Brent Burzycki 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    +George Greene I agree we do not have the same road systems but when I am o the freeway and someone is sitting in the fast lane doing 55 when the speed limit is higher… They need to not be there… Thus occurs all the time…

  19. Elizabeth Hahn 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    Most American highways are not built (nor maintained) as well as the Autobahn. The concrete is thinner, and asphalt just degrades too quickly. I wouldn't want to hit even a small pothole at 100 mph.

  20. Olav Folland 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    +George Greene honestly I don't care what the speed limit is. If the speed limit is 65 and you're doing that in the #1 lane, forcing everyone to go around you, you're not only (a) and asshole, and (b) a traffic hazard (this is the impersonal not-you 'you' FWIW. Quite honeslty that person doing 65 is far, far more dangerous than someone wanting to do 75, and deserves a ticket for being said traffic hazard.

    And around here, they're not doing 65. They're doing 55-60 in the fast lane. I shit you not.

    Also FWIW, I've driven on the Autobahn. The Seat I was driving had a maximum hull speed of 128MPH. Over that and the wheels weren't fully connected to the road. Regardless, the rules were absolute, and downright the proper thing to do – stay to the right unless you're going to pass someone. If you're going to pass someone, check all your mirrors and look to make sure you're not getting in someone else's way. When you're done passing, get the hell back over to an appropriate lane for your speed.

    That should apply here, same as you should never drive faster than your car/ability/weather affords it. I won't mention the speeds I've attained on our great highways, but it can be excessive if you have the right equipment, conditions, and knowledge. No, that doesn't make it legal, but doesn't mean someone should be a dick about it to make a 'point'.

  21. Brent Burzycki 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    Also using your left turn signal in the fast lane is the nice way to say… Get the hell out of my way… I fear the US sense of entitlement will never allow this to work…

  22. Olav Folland 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    Here they just assume you're going around them. Flashing the high-beams (during the day) is generally a hint, even if that's frowned upon in DE

  23. Brent Burzycki 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    so just flashing them is not suggested?

  24. Olav Folland 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    In my experience that's a good way to cause an accident, no matter your gender 😉

  25. George Greene 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    +Olav Folland the Autobahn was design and built By Who? So it was about speed to start with. In the US it was about speed of getting some place faster. the Autobahn was made for one person to go fast and to drive as fast as he wanted to. The US doesn't have unlimited or HIGH Speed roods they were never made to handle the traffic as many drive here are just seem to be nuts. they drive at speed that are unsafe if it raining or foggy or white from snow . they seem to only care about getting some place as fast as they can and care less if they run some off the road or care some to die on the road.

  26. Olav Folland 31 Mar 2014 Reply

    Hate to tell you a couple of things – one, there's no difference between 'going fast' and 'going someplace fast' unless you're on a track – and the Autobahn hasn't been used as a racetrack since Nurenberg (sp?) was built in the late 40s or 50's. Two, 'the Autobahn' has no speed limit isn't exactly true. There's no National speed limit, but there are speed limits in at least every metro area I drove through – some as low as 65KPh. There are also often speed limits in hazardous areas where crashes are more common. The member states of the Federation also have the right to set their own speed limits, much in the way the States do in the US.

    And even here, there's a huge difference between driving in say, here in Sacto, and I-5 South of Stockton.

  27. George Greene 1 Apr 2014 Reply

    +Olav Folland
    The perception of the Autobahn and the reality is big i would guess .
    I5 in my area is crazy the part from Sac to Stockton is 65 till you get pass Elk Grove then is 70MPH they it drops in Stockton to 65 again then as you get out back to 70MPH till you split off to to LA or SF/Oakland it drops to 65 after a shot run of 70MPH. But too many think it 70 to 75 or even 80 to 85MPH even with stop and go traffic.
    The only city I seen 75MPH in lately was Tuscon AZ the free ways were 65 to 75 in many areas.
    The Autobahn has held up well being built in the late 30's early 40's can't say the same for much of the roads in the US.
    Stockton is in the middle of revamping their mid tow part of I5 as is some of I80 for Sac LA is doing a lot too.
    Roads are falling apart here due to the amount of traffic and hard wear from accidents too.

  28. Brent Burzycki 1 Apr 2014 Reply

    It is way to easy to get a drivers license here in the US… Driving is a privilege not a right… If you suck at driving get better or get on a bus or public transportation… Problem solved… I cannot tell you how many people in this country just should not be driving at all… Period..

  29. Olav Folland 1 Apr 2014 Reply

    Oh, I know all too well – I used to commute from Sacto to Live-no-more once a week – fortunately I could do it at the outside of commute times. 80 is far worse though, but densities along that corridor would never allow for a high speed limit, even if you got rid of the parking lots that are Davis and Fairfield.
    I-5 south of Stockton to LA I've driven more times than I care to mention (when I was dating my first wife, she lived in SF and I was in Canoga Park). I really never saw more than the occasional slalom driver on that road – the real danger is the big-rigs. Those b*tards will jump out right in front of you at 55MPH and make you deal with it.

    The big difference between roads here and there is that they actually spend money on infrastructure, not billion-dollar trains to nowhere. Here we patch the roads – ever notice how quickly the roads degrade after they resurface here? Think of it as plaster – you have a crack in your wall, so you plaster over it but don't do anything to mitigate the crack, let alone the root cause, so it appears again pretty quickly. That's the 'repair' we do here. Just slap some more tar on it and call it a day. When they resurface the Autobahn they tear up the whole road down to the underlayment and build a brand new road on top. But they're also pound-wise about it – the underlayment is twice as thick as here, and spending the time and money to do it right means they're not sending patch crews out constantly to that expense and also the time costs of the motorists that need to use that road. So they get 2-3 times (at least, I can't remember exactly) the life time before they have to touch that bit of road again.

  30. Brent Burzycki 1 Apr 2014 Reply

    This article is interesting…. it also mentions quality of the vehicles on the Autobahn….

    I will admit that the cars I have seen lately – junk rollin on 4 space savers doing 50 in the fast lane is part of the issue..

    Why is the Autobahn Safer than US Interstates?
    The Autobahn is a world renowned highway system in Germany which is touted for its lack of speed limitations. Drivers from all over the world travel to Germany to indulge themselves in the thrill of driving at high speeds. But as you grant autobahn drivers the freedom to drive faster, won’t their safety be in jeopardy?

    Not necessarily. In stark contrast to common sense the autobahn, where some drivers exceed 200 mph, is relatively safe. The fatality rate on the German autobahn is actually much lower than that observed on the US interstate system. The Economist reports that per every 100,000 people under the age of 24, in the US nearly 20 die in auto accidents compared to approximately 7 in Germany. Even with this low amount of deaths, one would assume that the "dangerous" autobahn accounted for most of the German accidents. Yet, in 2009 accidents on the autobahn accounted for less than 10%. How can this be?

    Well, speed aside, drivers of the autobahn experience more restrictions than we have here in the US. To begin, in Germany drivers licenses are much more difficult to acquire. Individual driver’s training courses are mandatory and a driver’s licenses (which could cost you $1500) can only be obtained at age 18, two years older than we experience in the United States.

    Also, on the autobahn, it is illegal to pass a car on the right side. This helps to ensure that the left lane is clear for those cars traveling at high speeds. In the United States, the same is true in concept as the left lane is regarded as the passing lane, however there is no law which enforces this practice. More so, because it is expected to endure cars at much higher speeds, the autobahn requires much smoother pavement than other interstates or highways. The autobahn pavement is twice as thick as what is found on US interstates and is well maintained.

    Another factor contributing to its safety is the quality of vehicles using the autobahn. The autobahn has had a significant effect on the way which cars are engineered as the German auto industry has had to create cars with the autobahn in mind. This makes German cars, as a whole, faster than foreign competitors. The autobahn has helped to ensure German cars are safe in crash testing, high speed maneuverability, and brakes. Even as we rebound from a global recession German automobiles such as Audi, BMW, or Mercedes-Benz remain in high demand.

  31. George Greene 1 Apr 2014 Reply

    +Olav Folland
    Right now they doing part of the full rebuild in Stockton in one are in that downtown after Hammer lane. they plan to do more they did the i5 are were you get off to old town/Capitol area a few year back and fix the bad water pumps that let it flood.
    LA is working on it parts.
    Ya I have driven i5 to the bay are so many time I think I can do it it in record time in my sleep. My wife had to drive it every day from Sac to Santa Clara it sucked adn took 4 hour due to commuter traffic. Stockton is adding more lanes as well.
    i80 into the bay bridge is getting more lanes and they doing work on 99 too.
    I5 north to Organ is getting reworked but don't know how much is being tore out and re-built .
    The Germans do it right no doubt in that. They love their road and really work at keeping them working.
    Ya that West Sac to Davis to Dixon parking lot is getting shorter on 80 as they fix the on and off ramps.
    People just don't know how to stay in one lane or how to pay attention to know when to get over and merged right.

  32. Brent Burzycki 1 Apr 2014 Reply

    +Olav Folland I still like the paintball gun solution.. Perm paint… Assigned Ahole abatement teams mark cars… When you reach a level your car and license are impounded and revoked…

  33. Olav Folland 1 Apr 2014 Reply

    My 80 run is 65 to the Split, and "get the fuck out of the way" is not in their vocabulary. I can generally get to reasonable speeds in the #2 or #3 lane there.

    Big problem with Davis is one, they're all retards, and two, the people that drive through there are also retards and don't realize that a causeway is just another stretch of road 😛

  34. Elizabeth Hahn 1 Apr 2014 Reply

    Just make all roads dirt roads. People are always nice on them. They wave. Less maintenance cost. And lots of fun when it rains. Not that my truck is now covered in mud or anything..

  35. Brent Burzycki 1 Apr 2014 Reply

    I would like that….

  36. George Greene 1 Apr 2014 Reply

    I drive Subaru's they love dirt roads.. lol

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