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  1. Olav Folland 9 Mar 2016 Reply

    Definitely a staff photo. I can see the stick holding it up.

  2. Robert Carmona 9 Mar 2016 Reply

    Is that the F-14?

  3. Valter Moras 9 Mar 2016 Reply

    Hello, F-15E Strike Eagle, most power and very fast aircraft of the Usaf

  4. Brando Phoenix 9 Mar 2016 Reply

    F15 probably the best pound for pound fighter in the world. Countless countries fly them. I think the most massed produced fighter in the world.

  5. Robert Carmona 9 Mar 2016 Reply

    +Valter Moras thank you very much! And thank you +Brando Phoenix​ I do appreciate you guys. I'm still learning about all of this. I wish they had a list for like a rank, you know like they do in Boxing! You guys say the F15 is PFP Best. I thought the F16 was PFP Best in the 🌎 but anyhow I learned something here. Thanks fellas!!!✈✈✈✈✈✈✈✈

  6. Tanvir Ahmed 9 Mar 2016 Reply

    Nice photography

  7. David Cheng 9 Mar 2016 Reply


  8. Eric Poe 9 Mar 2016 Reply

    Mountain home, Idaho… Home of the Fighting Tigers. My stomping grounds for 5 years. I played Red force against them (and A-10s) using electronic warfare threats and surface to air missile simulators. Fun times, crazy jet.

  9. Valter Moras 9 Mar 2016 Reply

    This F-15E have Tail Code "MO" from Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho

  10. Donn Jones 9 Mar 2016 Reply

    If it looks right it flies right any aircraft with a combat record as good as this one deserves to contend for the best

  11. Brando Phoenix 9 Mar 2016 Reply

    +Robert Carmona You know you could be right about the F16. Be an interesting stat to look up.

  12. Teodor Cholev 9 Mar 2016 Reply


  13. Tom cat F14

  14. Andrew Smith 9 Mar 2016 Reply

    F-15E Strike Eagle

  15. Michael Stewart 9 Mar 2016 Reply

    391st Tactical Fighter Squadron,Mountain Home AFB Idaho

  16. Robert Carmona 9 Mar 2016 Reply

    +Brando Phoenix well I'm going to now. Only Idk how to search it. Should I Google PFP Best fighter jet? LoL

  17. Vince Károlyi 9 Mar 2016 Reply

    Very nice photo!!+1👍

  18. Hammer Down 10 Mar 2016 Reply

    That's the Best way to get High !

  19. thomas dobias 10 Mar 2016 Reply

    F-15 Fighter Jet

  20. Rmagnum m 10 Mar 2016 Reply

    +Valter Moras that is an F-14 tomcat

  21. Rmagnum m 10 Mar 2016 Reply

    +Brando Phoenix that is an f-14 tomcat

  22. Brando Phoenix 10 Mar 2016 Reply

    +Rmagnum m Bro, you are very incorrect. F-14 is bulky compared to the 15. F-14 usually has a scoop underneath the cockpit. The wings fold back for super sonic flight. This is 100 percent an F-15 Eagle.

  23. Vickie Gruell 10 Mar 2016 Reply

    Att/.Com how to device

  24. Haley Evans 10 Mar 2016 Reply

    Cool. !!!!!!!!!!!🌸

  25. Isaiah vazquez 11 Mar 2016 Reply


  26. Aditya Singh 11 Mar 2016 Reply

    F-15 I guess

  27. Robert Brand 12 Mar 2016 Reply

    Thank you , go get m

  28. Michael Burke 12 Mar 2016 Reply

    f-16 is the most badass fighter aircraft of all time, but don't get me wrong there are many awesome others including f-15, f-14, f-18, a-10, and the list goes on, although the f-4 was a pile of junk

  29. Michael Burke 12 Mar 2016 Reply

    P-51 ! oldschool awesome

  30. Chrystal Chandley 12 Mar 2016 Reply

    Mike Burcky,
    Are you from Lancaster CA?

  31. yung boss 12 Mar 2016 Reply

    Not awsem……disaster

  32. Andrew Crawford 13 Mar 2016 Reply

    Cool I want to be able to fly that.☺☺☺☺☺☺

  33. Kor Rappking 13 Mar 2016 Reply

    Can I ride it

  34. Sid Longmire 13 Mar 2016 Reply

    Would love to ride just once!

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