U-2 – Much more than a crappy Band

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The U-2 program celebrates 60 years of operational excellence this year. Today, the U-2 Dragon Lady is the next generation of an American icon, continuing to support global security and natural disaster aid. Share your Dragon Lady stories and photos using #U2HighSpy and you could be featured on our U-2 anniversary page: http://lmt.co/1h88Cl6


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  1. Olav Folland 31 Jul 2015 Reply

    Someone needs to get us a photo pass at Beale. Seriously.

  2. Maria Alfano 31 Jul 2015 Reply


  3. Darth Minty 31 Jul 2015 Reply

    Always thought this was a gimpy looking plane. Gimme the blackbird over this any day.

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