Two legends flying in Sweden

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Cavalier F-51D Mustang 2 & Supermarine 361 Spitfire LF16E.
This is probably the two most iconic aircraft of WWII.

More Mustang images here:

More Spitfire images here:

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  1. Jimmy Barrientos 17 Jan 2016 Reply

    mui lindo

  2. Robert Nikkel 17 Jan 2016 Reply

    Ill take the 51 thank you

  3. Nice duo of ww2 era airplanes both the spitfire and the p51d

    The p47 thunderbolt was the work horse for both air-to-air combat & air-to-ground combat escorting the heavies b17 & b24's

    To the p51d was used a multi role aircraft to the Korean war era

    Dogfights red tails

    Dogfights p47 vs fw-190

    Dogfights p51 vs me109

    One of Hitlers hitch men had said once he saw the p51 mustang over the heart of Germany that world war 2 was officially over and that is was a true statement itself 1943-1950

    The spitfire was based as short range fighter for example the battle of London 1940-1942


  4. Kevin Speed 17 Jan 2016 Reply

    The spitfire takes the limelight, but the hurricane was the workhorse that gets passed over for attention.

  5. Que bonito.

  6. Shadow Rider 18 Jan 2016 Reply

    Never heard of an "F-51".
    What IS that?

    Now….I've heard of the P -51 Mustang.

  7. Kevin Speed 18 Jan 2016 Reply

    Both use the Rolls Royce Merlin Engine as I understand, Although it was built under licence to Packard

  8. Sambo Whitmire 2 Feb 2016 Reply

    Hey can you please lol cool with you

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