Tripods lighter and smaller or bigger and more expensive? I think I might really be looking at lighter and smaller and this is one candidate? Anyone used the MeFoto? I really like the idea of it being convertible to the monopod that is just a great design inclusion others have not done

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  1. Souri Sengdara 7 Feb 2014 Reply

    I saw the mefoto recently and it looked like a perfect travel tripod. I am only owning a massive Induro CT404 which I love. I might stick with the Induro range and try to find a lighter one … but the mefoto looks great … +Brent Burzycki

  2. Darren Krusi 7 Feb 2014 Reply

    I've got a similar tripod called FotoPro, same colour, almost the same head and legs. Lots of functions for the money and definitely a travel tripod

  3. Oleg Perejogin 7 Feb 2014 Reply

    MeFoto = Benro. They are good. You can google reviews.

  4. Warren Searle 7 Feb 2014 Reply

    I need a lighter and more usable tripod, mine weighs a ton and has screws for legs, takes forever to setup. Also i have to screw my cam direct to the head as the click on thingy is broken.

  5. Warren Searle 7 Feb 2014 Reply

    not a bad price really.

  6. Brent Burzycki 7 Feb 2014 Reply

    My current tripod is also a monster and weighs a ton.. But a tripod is a necessary evil sometimes…

  7. Warren Searle 7 Feb 2014 Reply

    indeed, i hear you.

  8. Charles Payet 7 Feb 2014 Reply

    The key question is (for me anyway): how much can the lighter tripod hold? A Canon 5D3 and most L glass combined are a pretty heavy combo. Can these tripods support the heavier DSLR's?

  9. Steve R 7 Feb 2014 Reply

    I have one very similar. Mine is a Horus Bennu and looks like it came from the same factory as this one.

    Portability is a compromise, but I'm happy with mine. Mine is only 4 leg segments, instead of 5.

  10. Brent Burzycki 7 Feb 2014 Reply

    So is Benro making this for them?

  11. Oleg Perejogin 7 Feb 2014 Reply

    MeFoto is a Benro's brand.

  12. Brent Burzycki 7 Feb 2014 Reply

    thanks +Oleg Perejogin and +Kamal Tailor it makes sense to rebrand – just always makes me wonder what the heck I am actually buying…

  13. Oleg Perejogin 7 Feb 2014 Reply

    As I understand MeFoto was created by Benro as a low-end brand for amateur photographers. Korean Benro website list MeFoto as spearate line of tripods.
    Difference between Benro and MeFoto is that MeFoto tripod have funny colors and sold only as kits, while Benro tripod don't have any color options, but you can mix and match different tripod sizes and heads.

  14. james bruce 7 Feb 2014 Reply

    I have looked at them several times, but not pulled the trigger. My wallet, not their construction made the decision. They seem really sturdy for what they are.

  15. Mike LeBrun 7 Feb 2014 Reply

    I recently saw an episode of Digital Rev TV and it's +David Hobby 's (the strobist) travel tripod of choice and according to him it is everything you want in a travel tripod: sturdy, light and portable.

  16. Kris Vockler 7 Feb 2014 Reply

    I have it, I dig it. For general use. Long exposure I go for something heavier. But for everything else, it's perfect. Would totally recommend it.

  17. Benjamin Bloom 7 Feb 2014 Reply

    I have one. I agree that it's pretty good. I have a heavier duty tripod too, but the MeFoto one has one feature that makes me carry it– it's small and light.

    I like the monopod conversion. The ball head is pretty good. It comes with spikes or rubber feet.

    I've taken some longer exposures and they seem fine to me, though I haven't done a close inspection.

    For my purposes and for its price, I'm glad I bought one.

  18. Brent Burzycki 7 Feb 2014 Reply

    Long Exposure is one of my things I want to do more of… But it's one of these and use my old monster for the few I do or upgrade the monster to really right stuff and I could but 15 of these for the price of one RRS unit..

    I used to say a great tripod was also needed for pano work but that not even that true anymore..

  19. Kris Vockler 7 Feb 2014 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki I would use some caution with LE and this tripod. It's ok for calm conditions but with any wind, I've noticed some small movement. For LE I'll always default to my Vanguard heavy tripod, even when traveling. I just take off the ballhead and place both in my checkon luggage. Having said that, this tripod may be fine, I just happen to have both so I don't tempt fate.

  20. Oleg Perejogin 7 Feb 2014 Reply

    It has a hook at the bottom to hand some heavy balls if you need more stability.

  21. Brent Burzycki 7 Feb 2014 Reply

    +Kris Vockler I am also looking for something for my new addition the Sony RX100-2 – since I was forced to buy something since my other camera got ripped off… I might opt for a tiny tripod for that thou or a gorilla pod etc…

  22. Kris Vockler 7 Feb 2014 Reply

    I have a little RX-100 as well and use the Gorilla pod for that. It also fits nice on top of this. I believe it came with two mounting plates. I carry this tripod and the Gorilla when I travel. I use a Nikon D600 and a Fujifilm X-e1, the D600 can feel a little wobbly on this. That is why I don't trust it 100% for LE. The wobble is in the connection of the bullhead tube and the ring it slides up and down in. Regular landscape, for example, this and the D600 are just fine. Hope that helps in your selection process! 🙂

  23. Brent Burzycki 8 Feb 2014 Reply

    +Kris Vockler huge help.. I am using a D300S with grip – 200 F2.8 etc – its not light and I think you helped me decide I need to go the other way and grab a gorilla pod..

    What gorilla pod are you using?

    Sort of looking at the SLR but the mag one scares me….

  24. Kris Vockler 8 Feb 2014 Reply

    Oh, heck, not a special one. One of the earlier when there was like, oh, one pod. 🙂

  25. Brent Burzycki 8 Feb 2014 Reply

    One pod… Oh the humanity…. 🙂

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