Traffic Hazards for the East Coast

01 Nov 2012 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. mary Zeman 1 Nov 2012 Reply

    LOL I think that means I should stay home!!!

  2. Bill Moisuk 1 Nov 2012 Reply

    Can you define those symbols a bit, Brent? Otherwise people will just make what they will of them in their mind.

  3. Brent Burzycki 2 Nov 2012 Reply

    +Bill Moisuk Listed as Traffic Hazards on the Google Situation Map for the storm.

    Road Work and Traffic Advisories…to be exact… I assume downed tress – poles – lines etc…

  4. Bill Moisuk 2 Nov 2012 Reply

    So, some of these could be on very small roads or even backcountry lanes or the like. There's no restriction on venue I would presume. This may be a case where the pictorial looks far worse than the reality.

  5. Brent Burzycki 2 Nov 2012 Reply


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